When Nier Automata Gets The 8-Bit Video Game Treatment

I’ve been posting movies from 8-Bit Cinema for a long time now.   It’s series by Cinefix that takes a look at movies, games, and television and imagines what they would be like in 8-Bit old school NES format.  With a little bit of technology, music, and sometimes narration they’re able to craft very realistic portrayals of 8-Bit scenes.   My personal favorite was when the team made a total reach by tackling Shawshank Redemption which I thought they did a great job of.   While the 8-Bit genre is mostly limited to Cinefix, there are others out there who have taken on their own projects.

Recently I came across a series of videos on Twitter showing one man’s 8-Bit version of Nier-Automata.    Twitter user Hagetaka has been creating retro versions of Nier Automata protagonists like A2 and 2B for almost two weeks now.  While much of the focus of Nier Automata has been on the cosplay, I think that these videos are certainly worth taking a look at.

What’s also interesting is that Hagetaka has also been offering a window into the process that went into creating the 8-Bit art.  Below you’ll see some examples of the movements themselves but also Hagetaka teaching us his process.  Enjoy!

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