No, A Harry Potter TV Series is Not in the Works Says Warner

Harry Potter Books

If there’s one thing that any studio doesn’t like, it’s a leak on any projects that happen to be in the works or in the idea stage, since it’s all well and good when there’s no harm in letting the information out to tease the fans, but it sounds as though any hope for a Harry Potter TV series is still being doused by the studio as it sounds as though there aren’t any concrete plans concerning the need to move forward yet. Keep in mind though, YET is a very dodgy term since it’s likely that there have been thoughts put towards creating a TV series, but it would have to be done in a manner that would actually work within the confines of the story given that the main actors could possibly come back for cameos, but apart from that it would really need to focus on a completely different story, much as the Fantastic Beasts has done. But this would likely go beyond even The Cursed Child scope, since people have read the story, watched the play, and it’s very likely that they’ll want something new, and something that sticks primarily within the wizarding world with a few obligatory trips to the muggle world. That alone is probably why hesitating on this project and making sure that it works first is a good choice since otherwise, it could be a poor idea to move forward with.

As of now, it doesn’t appear that Warner Bros. IS going to move forward with the idea, but that’s not to be ruled out since fans of the Potterverse are every bit as fanatical as any other fanbase and are likely going to wonder just how long it’s going to be until they get to see another movie or a TV series that will continue to explore Harry’s world and show them what they want to see. The downside of this of course is that exploring a world too thoroughly can ruin the whole wonder of it as delving too deeply into a tale can do a couple of things. One is that it can kill the mystery if certain characters or plot points are figured out in their entirety without anything left to discover, and the second is that the story will begin to unravel a bit as the author and those writing for the show would be forced to sacrifice quality for expediency more often than not, and as a result, the story would begin to feel watered down in a very big way. Seeing this happen to any story is a bit tragic, not enough to drag a tear out of many people, but definitely, enough to elicit a sigh of frustration. Those that want to scoff, go ahead, but until you’ve written a story and seen it dragged through the mud to make it more interesting, you’re laughing at something you don’t understand or comprehend. Doing this to the Potterverse would be a serious slap in the face to a lot of fans that have been there to enjoy the books, the movies, and everything in between.

It’s likely that the idea is already there and trying to take root, but whether or not Warner Bros. and J.K. Rowling, who isn’t exactly a lot of peoples’ favorite person at the moment, will take this as a call to finally sit down and make a TV show is unknown. But the seed was already taking root a while ago it feels like, so thinking that it wouldn’t sprout eventually into an idea is kind of a naive way of thinking since like it or not, those that find their way to Hollywood and the fame and fortune an idea can bring don’t usually know when to stop. The Harry Potter franchise has made billions of dollars between the books, movies, merchandise, attractions, and whatever else there is, but that’s not enough. With new, young generations growing up and becoming interested in the Potterverse, one can easily guess that Warner Bros. is all but drooling over the prospect of more money in their pockets and how they can use Harry Potter, which is one of their biggest franchises, to make it happen. Unfortunately, this means touching upon the things I was speaking of above, since watering down the Potterverse is entirely possible, but it doesn’t feel at all necessary. Perhaps in another decade or two, it would be wise to think about a reboot, or a TV show, or something that could become just as popular. But right now it feels as though the best idea would be to just let it go.

That’s not a popular line of thought obviously, but it’s one that respects the story and wants to see it grow in a manner that feels natural and not forced.

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