No Screaming or Cheering on Rides as Japan’s Theme Parks Reopen

How many people have been to Disneyland? It’s a noisy place isn’t it? That’s why this idea that Japan has had when re-opening Disneyland and having a stipulation that people can’t scream, cheer, or otherwise make noise while on rides is a little bit kooky. Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb is of the same mind really considering that it doesn’t make a lot of sense to expect people to be this reserved when going on certain rides or simply being able to return to some semblance of normalcy in their lives. Plus, Disneyland without cheers of excitement and screaming in terror on certain rides might be kind of a quiet place, and eerily so really. The reasoning behind the policy is easy enough to guess really, since the desire is to avoid spreading the virus that’s kept the parks and much of the world closed for the last couple of months. That part is very simple and very easy to understand, but thinking that people are going to be able to contain themselves at this point is beyond naive, it’s kind of foolish really since there’s no need to cause trouble over not being allowed to make noise, but some people might wonder if Disney executives have lost their minds after a while when trying to literally silence people while they’re on the rides. Some parks are already thinking of keeping their outdoor rides running while keeping the indoor rides down for now.

The word on America’s parks is that there won’t be a noise restriction, which isn’t hard to figure either since people wold go ahead and scream their lungs raw anyway if someone told them not to. Frank Pallotta of CNN has more to say on this. Yep, that’s American’s, stubborn as hell and in some ways pretty childish when our ‘freedoms’ are being ‘stomped on’. I’ll be honest on this one, I think that imposing any noise reduction in a place like Disneyland is pretty ridiculous, but again, the reason behind it is sound enough, though if that’s as much of a concern as it appears at this point it might be best to keep the parks closed for a little longer to make certain that the virus isn’t as much of an issue, if that’s even possible at this point. Telling an American to do something or not do something that goes against what they want to do rarely ever works unless they’re convinced it’s in their best interest. Anyone wanting to argue that might want to take a look at what happened in Michigan recently and then rethink their position when it comes to trying to get American’s to do something they don’t want to do. Whether the same thing will happen in Japan is hard to say since people in general are stubborn and that’s been a proven fact for a long, long time. But how different societies respond to rules is rather easy to witness since there are definitely countries that are a lot more orderly than America, and in this case it might do to at least try and follow an example just for the sake of safety at this point. Japan will evidently be following certain protocols that will keep sick people from entering or remaining in the park since the risk of getting others sick at this point is still too high.

Right now it feels as though the world is trying to make a return to normalcy and reclaim itself in a big way, but there are bound to be many steps between here and where people want to be in terms of their personal freedoms and the safety that we tend to take for granted so often. Many would still argue that the COVID-19 virus is still not the worse thing that we’ve ever seen, but it definitely spread quickly and without hesitation, so it’s a good idea to at least make certain that people are being safe and as secure as they possibly can when reopening businesses where people are bound to congregate. As it stands the park will only be allowing so many people in and will be practicing social distancing as well, which means while Disney will start to see cash flow in the parks once again, it won’t be nearly as much as they’re used to since max capacity won’t be a possibility for a while. In fact it’s fair to say that they might continue losing money, just not in such great amounts as in the past couple of months. Things appear to be turning slowly towards the direction that people have been hoping for, but it’s going to take a while yet, and between now and then there are going to be plenty of pain in the neck steps to take. It’s all being done to keep people safe and uninfected however, so it’s hard to be too irritated. Tom Bricker of Disney Tourist Blog has more to add to the topic.

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