No Surprise There: Stranger Things Renewed for 3rd Season

Given the enthusiastic response to Season 2 of Stranger Things, it should come as no surprise to learn that the series has been renewed for a Season 3. Of course, not much information has been released about the upcoming season because the production process has just started up, but it is nonetheless interesting to speculate about what is to come based on what has been revealed so far.

What Can We Expect from Season 3 of Stranger Things?

First and foremost, it is interesting to note that the Duffer Brothers have an ending in mind for Stranger Things. However, that ending won’t be coming in Season 3. Instead, they have said that the ending might come in either a Season 4 or a Season 5, but the uncertainty with which they said it means that interested individuals should not interpret their statement as the absolute, unchanging truth at this point in time. After all, the plans for a series can see significant change as progress continues to be made, meaning that there is no guarantee that the ending will come with either Season 4 or Season 5.

Second, a time jump is going to happen at some point in the future of Stranger Things. Primarily, this is because the cast members are growing up, meaning that their characters will have to grow up with them to some extent unless the show-runners make the decision to re-cast them, which seems like the sort of thing that would result in a fair number of disgruntled fans. With that said, a time jump could prove useful for an expansion in the scope of the series that has been proposed in the past, which would enable the show-runners to examine more of the setting for Stranger Things.

Third, considering the caliber of the series, it should come as no surprise to learn that the show-runners have plans to wound up unresolved plotlines in the future. For example, it was no coincidence that Season 2 ended with the Mind Flayer lurking in the Upside Down, seeing as how it is expected to make a return as a prominent threat in the future. In fact, one of the Duffer Brothers stated that the Mind Flayer has become particularly aware of Eleven upon encountering her powers, which seems like the sort of thing that will have important implications in either Season 3 or further into the future. Likewise, while not much has been said about the people who were experimented on besides Eight and Eleven, One to Seven as well as Nine to Ten are bound to show up in one way or another because there is too much potential for them not to.

Further Considerations

Regardless, the wait is on. At the moment, the Duffer Brothers are still working on the script, meaning that it is going to take some time before Season 3 is released. However, considering the popularity of Stranger Things, it seems probable that news will spread like wildfire as soon as it is released, meaning that interested individuals will learn about it as soon as it comes out.

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