Nurse Jackie 5.09 Sneak Peeks: Kevin Catches Grace with Adderall

nurse jackieOf all the reasons Jackie decided to get sober, Grace and Fiona were at the top of the list, as she wanted to be a better mother to her two girls and keep them from making the same mistakes that she did. There are other things and people in Jackie’s life that influenced her decision to take sobriety seriously, but if she didn’t have Grace and Fiona depending on her, I don’t know if she would have taken the leap and gotten as far as she has. However, all of her best efforts couldn’t prevent Grace from snorting drugs with her older boyfriend last week on Nurse Jackie; how long will Jackie remain in the dark about her daughter’s first steps down a dark path she herself has already been down?

On the next episode of Nurse Jackie, Grace is caught with adderall in her backpack and taken to the hospital, where her mother gets Gloria and Thor to give her a tour of the emergency room. It’s a situation that Jackie hoped she would never find herself but one that she has to act quickly and smartly on. Should she be too lenient about what happened, Grace might think that what she’s doing is okay; if she comes down too hard, though, it could drive her daughter away and further into the arms of her boyfriend. Jackie knows what addict life is like, though, and perhaps the best way to get through to Grace is to tell her about the horrors of pathologically lying to loved ones, withdrawing from your substance of choice, and doing things you told yourself you never would in the name of scoring.

Elsewhere on Nurse Jackie, Jackie sleeps with Frank for the first time and hears something she didn’t expect to hear, while Coop tries to take his mentoring of Carrie to the next level.

Nurse Jackie airs Sundays at 9:00 on Showtime.

Is Jackie to blame for Grace’s experimentation with drugs? Can she send the message to her daughter that addiction isn’t something glamorous or a way to get back at her for perceived wrongs? Do you think that Carrie actually slept with Ike or is the next episode preview misleading?


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