Obi-Wan Kenobi Fan Trailer Teases Return Of Darth Maul

Most people should be able to admit that it would be every fan’s desire to see Darth Maul show up in the highly anticipated Obi-Wan Kenobi series, especially considering that they have a history that has yet to be finished in live action, but has been played out in the animated series. Mae Abdulbaki and Allie Gemmill of Inverse have more to offer on this subject. As a lot of fans already know, Kenobi ended up besting Maul once again as it was finally established that while as a padawan he might have found a great deal of strength in the Force and even had a bit of luck on his side (much as he doesn’t believe in it), as an adult, Master Jedi he was far beyond Maul in many ways. The former Sith lord had grown a bit complacent in his position of power near the end and had obviously neglected the training that had carried him so far in the beginning, plus it’s easy to think that his continual defeats and the loss of his brother might have weakened him in a way that couldn’t be overcome. Plus, Obi-Wan is just that good, as he’s taken on some of the more powerful characters in the Star Wars universe and come through just fine. It is a bit surprising that he managed to defeat Anakin and couldn’t hold his own against Count Dooku however, but when accounting for different fighting styles and knowing next to nothing of what to expect from different opponents it’s easy to think that Kenobi suffered from the curse of youth at one time as well, meaning he underestimated his opponents now and again without meaning to.

But being able to witness Maul’s final moments in live action would be great for a lot of fans since despite the idea that the animated series is being taken as canon, seeing things in live action tends to make them just a little more concrete in the eyes of many fans. This is the kind of rematch people have been wanting to see for some time now, especially given that the mood surrounding the prequels has changed over the years. Remembering back, a lot of people were infuriated by the prequels since they didn’t believe that anything lined up with the original trilogy and that Lucas was destroying his creation. That line of thinking was truly hard to get behind since it implied that the creator of the entire thing didn’t really understand his own creation. From a philosophical standpoint there might be an argument to be had there, but from an overall practical and realistic stance, the only bad decision Lucas made when it came to Star Wars was giving it over to Disney for a whopping profit of $4+ billion dollars.

As you can see by this fan trailer there are bound to be a lot of people pulling to see Maul in the slowly but surely coming Kenobi series, but whether that’s going to happen is hard to say since considering that it already was shown in the animated series there might be a thought that continuing forward with a live action version wouldn’t be the best idea. Of course some fans are going to argue against keeping Maul out, that’s a given, but it really depends on what part of Obi-Wan’s life on Tatooine is going to be focused upon when it comes to whether or not Maul shows up. Maybe by the end of the series it would be a good idea, if things progress in the manner that many people are hoping, but first off it would be more interesting to see Kenobi adapt to his life on Tatooine since despite having been there a few times in the past, as a middle-aged man he still had a lot to learn about surviving out in the desert and how to keep himself from being swallowed up by the sands and the many creatures that exist in the wastes. There are also plenty of adventures and mishaps he can get into on Tatooine involving the major spaceports that he’s implied to have visited throughout his stay there in A New Hope. In fact one could say that he knows Mos Eisley pretty well, though he’s also been to Mos Espa as well.

Like a lot of other shows it’s going to be a while until we finally see the Obi-Wan Kenobi series make its way to the small screen, but hopefully once it does there will be plenty of ideas on how to shape the Master Jedi’s path on the desert planet and offer the fans what they’ve been waiting for. After all, Obi-Wan is one of the many favored characters in the Star Wars franchise and as such it would be great to see him treated in a manner that’s bound to show him in a light that’s both balanced and fair as he acclimates to his new home.

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