Of Course Chris Evans is Going to Play Captain America Again

Captain America 4

At this point seeing Chris Evans return as Captain America isn’t a hard no for the actor as was revealed by Ryan Scott of MovieWeb, but it’s not an overly eager yes either. In short if the script was great enough and the opportunity presented itself at the right time it might be possible to see Evans take up the colors and the shield again and create a little more MCU magic. The only issue as it stands now though would be the fact that he would have to fight in a very different time period considering what happened in Endgame when he went back to the past and married Peggy Carter. There has never really been a shortage of Marvel villains, but having Captain America fight them during the decades in which he was originally stuck in the ice might do a lot to disrupt the timeline, especially considering that some enemies helped to make the heroes of today. There’s no telling just how much would have to change to save the continuity of the MCU since really, when you think about, having Captain America around and still young with the super soldier serum running through his veins it’s enough to think that he could seriously alter history. Obviously he started growing old at some point as he wasn’t immortal and would eventually age like all humans do, but now people would undoubtedly be asking at what point he would start to age, or if he would age just as gradually as a regular human.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems with this character at this point is finding someone else to play him if Marvel ever decides to bring him back and Evans isn’t interested. The likelihood of this doesn’t seem all that big since Endgame was a huge turning point for the MCU and bringing back characters is looking less and less appealing from a fan standpoint no matter that it’s kind of common practice in the comics. But with Falcon and Winter Soldier primed to hit Disney+ eventually and Falcon being given Cap’s shield it’s going to be interesting to see if, as Josh Lezmi of the CheatSheet states, people will accept him as the next shield-slinger, or if it will even work as part of his gimmick. Captain America is a very important figure in the Marvel universe after all and it’s not exactly a mantle that just anyone can assume no matter that it’s been tried in the comic books. Evans was so convincing as the character that trying to find someone else that people would be able to get behind would be exceedingly difficult. It is kind of funny though that people have almost forgotten that he did play the original Johnny Storm when the Fantastic Four movies came out to start with. As a brash, headstrong and very vain man he did play a decent Johnny Storm, but he was even more convincing as Steve Rogers, which was a big turnaround from the Human Torch. As Captain America it would almost seem that Evans had found the part he was absolutely meant to play since watching RDJ or Chris Hemsworth as Captain America would have been kind of silly, and even Chris Pratt couldn’t have really pulled it off. At this time the casting director is to be commended for finding parts that each person seemed destined to play.

Another Captain America movie though might still be tough to pull off since like I said…continuity. Enough people were trying to make this point over and over when it came to Endgame and the time travel and what it would mean and what might happen if this was changed or that was changed. It was enough to give a person a headache, but the overall point is that even despite Endgame going the way it did, not a lot really changed, which makes for the thought that time travel in the MCU isn’t as complicated as people though because, well, movie magic combined with comic magic along with what sounds like reasonable scientific theory definitely makes for something that people will want to watch. However, going deeper into the timeline and testing that theory out again and again would almost mean that Captain America would have to hang up his shield and simply walk away from what he might see as his responsibility when it came to being a hero, which seems hard for a lot people to buy given that the character is supposed to be the upstanding, model of an American hero. Mandy Kerr of the CheatSheet has more to say on this subject. Of course there are a lot of ‘if’s when it comes to whether or not we’ll even see another movie, but given how popular the star-spangled hero has been in the past it’s not likely that we’ll be able to say that it will never happen. On way or another it’s likely that Disney will try to make this work.

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