Olivia Wilde Will Direct Female-Led Marvel Movie for Sony

It kind of sounds as though things are heating up when it comes to seeing a female-centric movie being pushed through at Sony and Olivia Wilde is currently at the center of it as she’s being tapped to direct such a movie for the big screen. Whether it will be a Spider-Woman adaption or not though is something that no one knows since the studio has been trying to push the idea of Spider-Woman but hasn’t managed to move anything forward yet. If it’s not Spider-Woman though there are plenty of other female superheroes to pick from, one would have to guess that the list is a bit shorter since Disney has taken over quite a few heroes since the Fox merger. But it’s also a question as to whether this movie if it is Spider-Woman, would belong to the same universe as Venom and Morbius, as this has become a huge issue between studios what with copyrights and being able to use various ideas between movies. If anyone else is thinking that this is just a giant mess when it comes to comic book movies then congratulations, you’re not alone. But so long as Sony does what they can to keep their own properties separate from the MCU, it’s going to happen that different universes don’t get to intersect since heaven forbid a story has any continuity with another story, especially when there’s the multiverse to play with.

Olivia has already proven that she can direct since her first movie gained her enough acclaim that her confidence moving forward has to be pretty high considering that not being torn apart by critics on her first outing had to feel pretty good. It would appear that she’s just as good at directing as she is at acting, but the one caveat to think about at this point is that a superhero movie is a bit different from many other movies since critics sometimes appear to be falling over themselves at the chance to criticize a comic book-based movie. There are reasons of course, and one of them has to be that the track record for comic book movies is pretty hit and miss with a lot of big misses and a few decent hits that have defied the critics in a big way since it is possible to make a comic book movie that’s as entertaining as the comic itself. One of the many problems, however, is that following the source material can be a little problematic since comic books tend to run for hundreds of issues at times and in that span, one can find at least a dozen different enemies in a short period of time and a host of issues that the characters have to deal with. In other words, it can get a bit involved rather quickly.

But if Spider-Woman is the hero that’s coming out its kind of hard to think that she won’t be involved with some hero group or another hero or villain at some point since in the comics a lot of them tend to pal around together or at least run into each other every now and again since that’s the nature of the whole thing. The solo outing for each hero does sound important since it helps to establish who they are, how they got their powers, and so on and so forth. But the whole deal with origin stories is starting to change a bit since the MCU has been shifting away from the long, detailed origins and mainlining them as it did with Spider-Man and even Captain Marvel in a way since both heroes were given their powers and then spoke of their origins after a while. So if Spider-Woman does come on the scene it’s kind of hard to think that she won’t have a backstory but it’s easy to think that it might go quickly or be glossed over in parts so as to keep the story moving forward at a decent pace so that Wilde’s attempts to bring the hero to the people won’t be stymied by a lot of exposition. If there’s one thing that kills a superhero movie, and there are many things, in fact, it’s exposition and too much lengthy dialogue that takes forever to get through. While the dialogue is important it’s also equally important to keep it moving and fluid enough to make the audience feel that it’s realistic and not entirely scripted. Obviously it’s part of a script, but keeping it natural is what I mean.

So far there’s a lot of faith in Olivia and there should be since she’s already proven that she can do the job. But we’ll have to wait for more details it sounds like, and hopefully we’ll get to know soon enough just which hero will be coming to the big screen.

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