Once Upon A Time Review: Fans Are Filled In On “A Pirate’s Life”

Once Upon A Time

Ever since the cast changes were announced prior to the start of Season 7, fans of Once Upon A Time have been eager to find out exactly why and how Hook would be returning and not Emma. Not only that, but how could Regina and Hook be involved in a new curse that the other characters weren’t?Thankfully, they didn’t have to wait too long before getting (some of) those answers.

Henry called for help while traveling in a new realm, and Hook and Regina answered his call. It wasn’t long before Emma came to him, too. But a series of twists and turns reveal that while Hyperion Heights’ Roni is in fact the same Regina we’ve always known, Detective Rogers is NOT the same Captain Hook. It’s actually quite confusing, so here is a breakdown (to the best of my understanding. I do not claim to be all knowing):

  • In the dream realm created by a wish from which we got Season 6’s alternate Robin Hood, there was a version of Captain Hook who was portly, grey haired and perpetually intoxicated.
  • This version of Captain Hook was on a quest to find his daughter, and he believed Emma Swan was the key to finding her.
  • When the real Hook arrived with Regina to help Henry, alterna-Hook took his place.
  • Alterna-Hook is enough like real Hook that his guilty conscience got the better of him. Though he got injured trying to make things right, Emma saved him (alterna-Hook) just in time.
  • Henry and Regina decide to help alterna-Hook find his daughter as real Hook goes back to Storybrooke with Emma.
  • Therefore: alterna-Hook from the Earth 2 created by a wish is, in fact, Detective Rogers of Hyperion Heights.

I wasn’t mansplaining, I swear.

Largely, this was the point of the episode. It was important to know how Hook and Regina ended up in that situation and now we do. Sure, there’s still backstory to fill, but we are now well on our way down a new path with a new story. Even thought it’s a little muddled, it’s important that both Regina and Hook have clear wants and needs. Even though breaking this particular curse (undoubtedly set in motion by the fairy wand wielding stepmother) is the primary story, having Earth 2 Hook works much better than pulling real Hook away from Emma which doesn’t make sense.

Of course, perhaps the biggest question still remaining is how Rumplestiltskin is involved. I’m inclined to think that there may be some sort of alternate version of him involved in this as well. I have a couple reasons to think this: namely that he wouldn’t leave Belle, but he was also seeking the integrity within Detective Rogers and turned out to be a good dude in Hyperion Heights. Which just doesn’t sound like the Rumplestiltskin we all know. But, there could very well be a soft spot for his grandson that draws him to a new land. I believe episode 4 is when we’re going to find it all out. Stay tuned.

Here are a few other thoughts:

  • As a long-time fan, I appreciated the brief updates on Storybrooke from Regina. I hope they find a way to incorporate Archie and some of the regulars.
  • With their chosen direction, this was a perfect way to use Emma. Jennifer Morrison slipped back into it like it was nothing, and she was marvelous. This show is definitely less without her, but it’s much better than I expected.
  • Now we’ve seen Jared Gilmore, Jennifer Morrison, and there’s still at least Emilie De Ravin and Rebecca Mader to come. I’m enjoying seeing all of them again, but part of it feels very “Scrubs Season 9″

We’re two episodes in and I’m impressed. It still feels a LITTLE contrived, but in such a fantasy driven world, I’m willing to give it a long leash. Mostly though, it felt like a reunion episode with a lot longer of a break than we actually got. I ain’t even mad.

What do you guys think? Did you enjoy the episode? Let us know!

Once Upon A Time airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC

Once Upon A Time Season 7 Episode 2 Review: "A Pirate's Life"


Once Upon A Time explores how Captain Hook came to this world alongside Henry in this week’s brand new episode

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