Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Mary Margaret’s Future Is Looking Slightly Grim

Once Upon a TimeAt the end of the most recent episode of Once Upon a Time, David’s wife Kathryn disappeared while headed out of town. The truth is, we don’t really know what happened to her. Did Regina and/or the curse stop her from leaving? But if the curse did present her from leaving Storybrooke, then why didn’t her car just break down like others have before? Instead, her car had been abandoned and Kathryn was simply gone.

We already know that Kathryn’s disappearance will be an important storyline on Once Upon a Time going forward. When the show returns with a new episode on March 4 (after taking a week off for the Oscars), David and Mary Margaret will, of course, be suspects in Kathryn’s disappearance, according to this promo. After all, according to the townspeople of Storybrooke, both of them had a good reason to want Kathryn gone.

While Emma continues to question David going forward, even suspecting that Kathryn might have been murdered, it’s Mary Margaret that ends up as the prime suspect. In the March 18 episode, titled “Heart of Darkness”, Emma actually arrests Mary Margaret for the suspected murder of Kathryn. Desperate to get herself out of the charge, Mary Margaret hires Mr. Gold as her attorney.

Meanwhile, in the fairytale world, we once again revisit the Snow White/Prince Charming story. After calling off his wedding to Abigail and helping to reunite her with her true love, Charming set off in search of Snow. We know that she’s now living with the dwarfs and took a potion from Rumplestiltskin that made her forget Charming, but he’s on her trail once again. Unfortunately, she’s very disoriented/possibly crazy and Charming is forced to try and stop her from assassinating the Evil Queen.

Updated: View photos for this episode, featuring Snow and Charming.

Once Upon a Time airs on Sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. EST on ABC. For more about the show, visit our Once Upon a Time page.

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