Oprah Winfrey Set to Return to TV on “60 Minutes”

Everybody is familiar with the work of Oprah Winfrey, ranging from her long-running talk show to the humanitarian work that she has been involved in for years. However, it might surprise most people to realize that she has a vested interest in politics, one that she has wanted to express in a professional manner for many years.

In reality, it looks like Winfrey will get to do exactly that.  This Sunday, September 24th she will start to appear on “60 Minutes” as a political reporter. For the most part, her reporting will focus on the different political views that people hold in the United States and how that divisiveness has affected people, both on a political and a personal front.

While there isn’t a great deal that has been said about her long-term role on the show, it is known that she will be allowed to conduct some interviews. For the most part, she will be reporting as opposed to doing feature pieces but in all likelihood, this will morph and change as she spends more time on the show.

Being on “60 Minutes” will allow Winfrey to do something that she has always felt very compelled to do, and that is try and bring people closer together. The idea behind reporting on the divisiveness that currently exists in America due to political differences is to ultimately help people understand that while they may not see things from the same perspective in a political sense, everybody is trying to do the best they can in order to live, work, and prosper. It is hoped that in that commonality, people can learn from others and start to come together as opposed to growing farther apart.

Most people are excited to hear that Winfrey will be coming back to television on a routine basis. She is a much-loved celebrity and one that many people have sorely missed since she made the decision to retire from her talk show back in 2011. While she currently operates her own television cable network, she is not routinely present on the screen like many people have wished she would be. Therefore, it is good news to her fans that she will be coming back to something in prime time that has a national audience.

Will Oprah Winfrey really be able to make a difference when it comes to the way people view politics in the United States? That fact remains to be seen. One thing is certain, however. If anyone is capable of uniting people that have vastly different political views, she is probably the best person for the job. She has a way of being able to bring people together when others cannot. It is hope that she will be able to do the same thing by pointing out the political differences between people who live in this country. Even if that doesn’t turn out to be the case, she promises to do some truly interesting pieces that can make people think about their own political views. Perhaps that alone will be enough to start the process of change.


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