How Did the Original ‘Star Trek’ Theme Land in the ‘Discovery’ Finale?

Everyone, no matter who you are, loves a little piece of nostalgia here and there throughout their lifetime. This can take many forms, whether it be objects from our past, or even a piece of music that stood the test of time during your adolescence. For many ‘Star Trek’ fans out in the world today, they got to have their own little bit of nostalgia when they tuned in for the ‘Discovery’ finale, which aired on February 11th. This came in the form of the ‘Star Trek’ theme that which played when the (SPOILER ALERT) the USS Enterprise was spotted for the first time on the new series. This was also accompanied by a slight reference to ‘Captain Pike’, who many fans will remember was the predecessor for the infamous ‘Captain Kirk’ character who was from the original series that aired many years ago. So, why the sudden need for the flashback with the original theme? We will bring you this answer along with other details in this article.

Theme With A Twist

Of course, there are many individuals who would think that a revamp of an original theme might put a bad taste in the mouths of Trekkies all across the globe, but composer Jeff Russo was able to put a modern and tasteful twist to the theme that made fans eager for the next season to air. During the finale, the audience first heard the classic ‘Star Trek’ theme that was composed by Alexander Courage back in the 1960’s, which brought all the anticipation. Then, we were introduced to another new recording of the theme, that was brought to you by Russo, as we mentioned before.

Different Take

As we said before, Jeff Russo took the well known theme that is recognized all across the world and gave it a bit of flair. As opposed to the 29 musicians that recorded the original theme back in the 60’s, Russo assembled and conducted a 74 piece orchestra to bring the music back to life. He also enlisted the help of Ayana Haviv, who recorded the vocals for the solo that we hear throughout the music as well.

The Right Move

Obviously, as we are seeing all throughout the entertainment industry today, the ideas of reboots and nostalgia are making fans everywhere ecstatic for TV and film. This was one of the reasons Russo decided to rerecord the original ‘Star Trek’ theme for the final episode of the season. He was even found stating that it was the right thing to do, and what fans would expect when they saw the USS enterprise making its debut on the series.

Needless to say, we, along with all of the fans out there, are more than excited to see what the new ‘Discovery’ series has in store when season two comes back to the air. It has already been confirmed that composer Jeff Russo will be coming back to take on the musical composition of the series, making fans even more ecstatic. The second season of ‘Star Trek: Discovery” is scheduled to begin shooting this coming April, and we can’t wait to see what will happens next on the new hit show.

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