The Originals Review: Give ‘Em Hell Kid

The originals

Enough with all the deaths already! Cami and Davina have just been laid to rest when another major character was seemingly killed off last night on The Originals. Alas, there’s a twist we all should’ve seen coming.

The prophecy foretelling the downfall of the Mikaelson family appears to be unstoppable. Learning that Marcel had the serum to turn himself into the same formidable monster Lucien was, Elijah ripped his heart out. I was completely shocked to see how the tables have turned between Klaus and Elijah. The old Klaus (pre-Cami, let’s say) would never resort to talking out a problem with anyone, family or otherwise. He’d take the swift action that Elijah just did as he saw fit. Understandably Elijah acted out of fear because he did see the rest of the prophecy with Freya. He should’ve known though that he can’t change what’s fated to happen.

As usual, the bad guys are one step ahead. Turns out Marcel didn’t hesitate to drink the serum when Vincent presented the opportunity to him. All he had to do was play into the Mikaelsons’ hands and wait for one of them to kill him, triggering the magic to turn him into an even stronger Original hybrid. Despite Klaus’ noble attempt to talk about their differences, it was clear by Marcel’s comebacks that he’s had this resentment boiling under the surface all along. He might have been called “family” by Klaus but he never truly felt treated as an equal.

Davina’s death snapped something inside Marcel to turn him against the Mikaelsons, and ironically she’s probably the only person who would have been able to talk him out of this plan. She doesn’t even know what’s going on with Marcel from the ancestral ghost world when she’s saying her goodbyes to Kol. I was especially glad to see Davina finally got a proper send off since her death was so sudden and downright scary. She saved her friends by using the weapon Vincent had to stop the ancestors from meddling in the living world, and for that everyone should be grateful.

Marcel’s fake out will certainly surprise everyone in the season finale next week. Rebekah will be back, that much we know and could assume since she’s always around when the really important stuff hits the fan. Considering the show itself is called The Originals we know they can’t kill 3 of them off, but I really am scared that maybe one will pay the ultimate sacrifice and there may not be a loophole to save them. Fingers crossed it’s not Elijah because he’s finally getting to a good place with Hayley. Our Haylijah shipper hearts could not bear anything happening to either of them.

What do you hope to see happen in the season finale next week?

The Originals Season 3 Episode 21 Review: "Give 'Em Hell Kid"


An unexpected twist arises after Elijah and Freya witness the prophecy where Marcel would become their ultimate enemy.

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