Orphan Black Gets a Second Season Premiere Date

There are many debates about what the best new show of the year is, whether it’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Almost Human, and so on, but for me, there’s only one answer. That would be Orphan Black, the Space/Canada BBC America show starring Tatiana Maslany as a clone, or rather, group of clones who are trying to figure out their origins.

The first season wrapped up earlier this year, and now with this new teaser we know the premiere date for the second season will be April 19th, 2014. We’re not given a single shred of information other than that date in the teaser video above, but I expect there will be a lot more promotional materials to come soon enough.

I’m still pretty bitter about ├é┬áMaslany’s Emmy snub, where she wasn’t even recognized with a nomination for playing six different characters on the show, sometimes three or four onscreen at once through CGI trickery. If that’s less of an acting challenge than Connie Britton being a country star, then I really don’t know what to say.

I hope Orphan Black is going to be one of those slow burn shows where it builds up a massive following over time. Airing on a non-traditional channel may hurt that, but hopefully it can get more fans through streaming or hell, even piracy as long as people are watching it, which would feed into the success of the actual show.

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