Orphan Black: The Stigmata of Progress and More

Orphan Black

Orphan Black is one of the most consistently unique shows on television, and frankly it does not get the attention it deserves from mainstream viewers. I will admit that the plot can be scattered and confusing, but Tatiana Maslany pulls the show together with her incredible acting skills. Shameless often makes me forget it is a fictional show, but Orphan Black always makes me forget that the majority of the cast is just one woman.

That being said, the first three episodes of the fourth season have gotten under my skin and creeped me out to the fullest extent. If it’s not in scenes where a Castor clone operates on Rachel’s robotic eye, then it’s the new Neolutionist plot with the weird mouth-grubs. Gross! Just so, so gross. The effects are really good, too, because I can’t take watching these people squirm around with doctor’s hands in their mouths.

I have high hopes that season four will tie everything together for Orphan Black. Helena is about to have twins, and Rachel is spending plenty of quality time with Charlotte, the child cloned from her own stem cells. I have a feeling the new babies, Charlotte, and Kira will have an interesting plot this season, and I hope we will learn what it really means to be the daughter of a clone.

I am sad to see Felix separating himself from S and Sarah, but I cannot really blame him. I hope his biological sister is not some evil spy, but let’s be honest she probably is. I am also excited to see Ferdiand have more of a purpose in Orphan Black as I didn’t really understand the point of his character in the previous season. Orphan Black has finally decided to tackle the perspective of Beth, and I cannot wait for this well overdue development! Bring on more Beth! This season is going to be great, I can feel it!

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