Oscars 2016: To Thank or Not to Thank?

I was watching TMZ tonight on E! and one segment got me thinking: the Oscars is making a change in the winner’s acceptance speech where the winner of the award will say something that inspires rather than rattle off a long list of names of the people that made them who they are today. Instead, the names will be written on a card by the nominees in case they win an Oscar for their respective categories and the names will be shown in a marquee on the bottom of the screen. I think this new acceptance speech method is good given that we look at these celebrities and famous figures as role models and that there’s only forty-five seconds for the winner to finish thanking every single person.

There are those who think that this new way for Oscar winners to say their thank you speeches won’t work, including yours truly, because of the time constraint. Forty-five seconds is not a lot of time so if a winner has a lot to say or is in the middle of telling a personal story, forty-five seconds is not enough time for them to finish the tale. Hopefully, the Academy can figure out how to make this work. I don’t know if it’s possible to extend the time limit to a more manageable timeframe so that winners can finish their stories before walking offstage with their well-deserved awards, but a few extra seconds won’t hurt, right?

I’m looking forward to watching the ceremony on the 28th on ABC because not only am I curious to see who will walk away with a golden statuette but if this new way of saying thank-you will truly work. Are you looking forward to the Oscars or does the glamorous world of Hollywood not entice you?

Photo via E!

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