Our Favorite General Hospital Moms

General Hospital fans are not unfamiliar with mothers around here. There are some who are so good we cannot get enough of them, and then there are some who are just not that good at all. We know that this weekend is all about dads, but we want to take some time to go through the land of Port Charles and pick a few of the women who are just such good moms. Some of them are better than others. Some of them are the worst ever. Some of them would do anything for their kids, and some of them would do anything to their kids. These moms are good. They are not perfect – no one is – but everything that they do is meant for their kids, for their lives, and for their situations. They do what they do because they love the ones that they love the most, and they would do anything to protect them. So, here is a list of some of our favorite moms in town.


Carly has made some big mistakes in her life, and that is nothing we can deny. But, we know that we have a lot more going for her than she realizes. She’s the fiercest, most amazing, most insanely good mom of all time. She’s the mom who will do literally anything for her kids, an she’s not worried about anything other than protecting them and making sure that they are cared for in life. She’s not going to stop at anything other than figuring things out in her life, and she’s not going to stop protecting her kids no matter what happens. She’s the kind of mom who will kill for her own kids, and she would like, take the blame, and do anything else she can to make sure that she’s able to figure things out. She’s that mom, and she’s good at it.


She may not be living the life she always imagined living as a mom. We don’t think there was a time when she was growing up when she thought to herself she’d have this many little boys and that none of them would ever have the same father, but she’s doing her best. She loves them. She protects them. She takes care of them and does all she can for them. She is the kind of woman who has a lot of ambition at the hospital, she has a lot of goals in life, and she’s always been looking for real love. She’s a mess in her personal life, but her mom life is on point. She takes care of her own, and she’s never put anything in front of or before her kids. She’s been able to take care of them first and foremost for their entire lives, and that’s what we love most about her.


Sam is not the most hands on mom of all, and she’s often very busy with things in her own life, but she is good to her kids. She might not have much free time to spend with them, but the time she does have is the best time. She makes it count, and she does a good job of it. She makes sure she’s able to get her life in order, and she’s able to handle all the things that come at her when they come her way. She’s the kind of mom who is good at what she does even when she’s not trying, and her kids mean all the things in the world to her.


She’s a woman who has had some tough times with her kids. Imagine what it was like for her to find out that her daughter as HIV positive and that her life would change forever. We don’t know what it’s like to be top secret spy who is out of town a lot to take down the bad guys, but she does. She also knows she’s not always been around for her kids, but that never stopped her from being the best possible mother to them when she was given the chance. She’s good at what she does across the board, and we know she’s a good mom.

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