Our Favorite Young and the Restless Super Couples of All Time

Young and the Restless fans love a super couple, but who are they around here? Genoa City is a place where people switch lovers from time to time, and that’s not something anyone considers uncommon in any capacity. However, it’s also the kind of place where we wonder from time to time if anyone can make it work. There doesn’t seem to be much that works for people around here, but there is a lot that we can see happening if people simply give themselves a chance to make it work. We think there are a few super couples around here, but we need to see if you agree with us, if you think we are right about it, or if you think there are others.

Nikki and Victor Newman

They’ve been together so long that they don’t know much else. She sometimes takes off and runs around with Jack Abbott for a time, but she never makes it happen in the long term. He’s also one who has been around the block a few times with some other women when he and Nikki were not working out, but they always find a way to make their way back to their own trainwreck of a marriage, and it works for them. It’s nothing we would want around here, but it’s something that works well for them in any capacity. However, they have more to offer than just this. They have so much going for them, and they are so good together. We love them, and they are hands down the most powerful couple in the city. They have the most to offer one another. They have the biggest and best love to give. They have it all, but they simply don’t work it out as well as they could if they spent some more time focused on their lives rather than on their reputation. We get it, of course, but they have more to offer than they are offering. We hope they find their way to some sort of happiness as a couple rather than a partnership more than anything else.

Phyllis and Jack

She is so powerful. She is so ambitious. She is someone who gets what she wants. She doesn’t worry about making friends. She doesn’t worry about anything. She doesn’t worry about anything other than what happens in her own life to her own degree of power. She will do anything, take down anyone, and make anything happen so that she can always live her best life, and she will not make any qualms about that. However, he is a bit calmer than she is. He will do anything to get his way, and he is a powerful figure in Genoa City. However, they are both the kind of people who will work well together. They do when they take the time, but they have potential. They have the potential to be the most powerful couple in the city if they put their minds together and make it work. They have chemistry and even some passion, so this could be a power couple in the making if they let it.

Chelsea and Adam

They have so much chemistry, and we’d love to see them make it work. However, she’s in a mess right now in her own life, but they do make things seem better when they are together. They are both bold and big and out there personalities who want to see everything go their own way and not anyone else’s, and they kind of work together. However, they aren’t. They haven’t been in a long time since he was killed and she had to go out of town and keep her life in her own hands for so long. They are in the middle of a lot of changes in their lives now that they are both back, but we are sitting here trying to get things together, trying to make things work, and trying to handle things as they are making bigger changes in their own lives. We think they have super couple potential, and we think that they can make this work in their own powerful way if people let it happen.

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