Outlander: Five Reasons Outlander’s Love Scenes Are So Genuine


Who know that a show about a woman in the 1900s who is sucked back to the 1700s in some sort of warped time travel scenario could be so sexy? Before I’d heard of Outlander, I’d, well, never heard of it. A kind of surprise hit for the Starz network, no one really knew whether or not a period piece written based on a bunch of books written by Diana Gabaldon would be a hit or a miss. It’s a hit; but mostly because the writers and actors are on it when it comes to the love scenes. What makes them so good? We have a few ideas about that one.


Claire enjoys her escapades

Part of the reason that the love scenes in this show are so good is that the main character, played by Caitriona Balfe, is more like a man when it comes to her desire. Rather than being present when a man wants it, she’s the one who wants it; and she loudly, boldly and brazenly enjoys it.

The main characters have chemistry

When you have actors who really have chemistry, it shows. They’re enjoying this time together, these moments in their filming. It’s probably a lot of fun for them, even though they’ll say it’s not. It is, after all, a free pass to get to make out and insinuate more intimate activities with someone you aren’t doing it with in real life.


The disappointment

Let’s be honest; it’s not always good. The first time that Claire and Jamie are intimate, it’s not that good. I mean, it happens. But the fact that it did happen, we saw it and the world really is rooting for these two is quite interesting. Now we are hooked because we want them to enjoy one another.


It’s kind of like real life

In the movies, it’s all about the moment in which a kiss happens or when intimacy blooms. There’s a lead up, a moment and it’s always something dramatic and wonderful. Here, it’s not. It’s a bit more realistic, and that’s what makes love scenes so steamy.


It’s never the same

Every single love scene in this show is totally different than the last, and that’s what makes it so good. Fans never know what to expect, but they certainly wait for it with interest.

Be sure to check out Outlander when it returns April 9 on STARZ

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