Paris Hilton Claims That She Invented the Selfie: Discuss

In an effort to discuss Paris Hilton’s claim that she invented the selfie I do hope that she’s kidding and making a joke because otherwise she needs a history lesson. Despite the very nice pic above and the claim that she’s making Paris, who is notorious for being loved by the camera and blasted continuously for every little thing she says, might need to brush up on her historical photos just a bit. It’s one thing to claim that she’s responsible for the first selfie, but if she were to use the internet for a little research she might find out that selfie’s were invented long, long before she was ever able to hold a phone.

There’s no need to get mean about it as some articles might do, but the facts are what they are. Instead of putting her on blast for this it might be more polite to just point out that artists such as Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, and even Bill Nye the Science Guy were taking selfies before Paris thought to do it. And more than that, they were taking them with actual cameras, not their phones. People are going to lambaste Paris for this and no doubt feel justified in doing so. While it’s tempting at times to really bring to bear the mistakes she makes and how the things she says are a bit insensitive and even ridiculous, the effort for this one just isn’t necessary.

Paris is a big celebrity, yes. She’s a woman that loves getting her way, yes. And yes, she does make ridiculous claims and say things that make people go “huh?” at times, but if we were to put her on blast for everything she’s ever said or done then our year would be very full indeed. Informing her about the fact that selfies have been a part of pop culture for so long might be a better idea than just laying into her about being a blonde ditz as so many others seem to love portraying her as. The fact that is that, unfortunately, Ms. Hilton is not an overly educated person because money, which she has more than anyone could ever need, is not her strong point.

The jabs at her intelligence regarding, well, anything, are unfortunately founded in the fact that she was kicked out of high school and had to obtain her GED. She has not attended college, and apart from what many people might think it is likely that she would not benefit any more from an education than she can with her current role as a socialite. In short, Paris is rich enough that she should be well taken care of until the day of her passing. But the issue at hand is her intelligence and need to be in the spotlight and how they contend with one another at times. The issue of who created the selfie isn’t really that vital to humanity, but for the sake of this article it is easy to state that Ms. Hilton needs to consult the history archives before speaking on some subjects.

I doubt it embarrasses her much, but it’s nice to be accurate.

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