10 Things You Didn’t Know about Paul Schulze

Paul Schulze

Paul Schulze is an American actor with German roots. His great grandparents immigrated to Cincinnati and began operating small businesses as opposed to farming. His father was a Lutheran Pastor who passed away in 1968 when Paul was only four years old. Despite growing up without his father, Paul has carved a successful career in acting since he fell in love with it in high school. Here is everything to know about Paul Schulze, who is not slowing down even when he is fast approaching the legal retirement age.

1. He prefers playing bad guys

Some actors have that look that makes them ideal for bad guy roles; it is hard to picture Robert Knepper or Robert LaSardo being a good guy because they have perfected the bad guy act. As for Paul Schulze, he can be both a bad guy and a good guy, whichever character he books. However, if Paul had his way, being the villain would be his first choice. He remembers even as a child, he always loved playing a killer, and it worried his mother.

2. He has known Edie Falco since he was 19

Paul admitted he has always had a crush on his long-time friend Edie since seeing her in a play. They went to Purchase College together, and Edie usually played a witch or old lady. She was a fantastic performer, and everyone, Paul included, was blown away by her performance. He, therefore, gathered up the courage to tell her how great Edie was. Although that is his first memory of Edie, she remembers differently. According to her, they first met in a laundry room where he asked her if she would like a massage to which Edie agreed.

3. He pretended he was tough in his childhood

As a child, you might have wanted to prove you are not a scared weakling as they presumed you to be. You, therefore, hang out with the lawbreakers to make your point, and that is what Paul did. Although his father was a Lutheran priest, Paul was determined to stray from the path. He, therefore, used to be friends with people his parents would not approve of in his teenage years. To further make people believed he was no pushover, Paul auditioned for a tough guy role in “Sopranos.” However, David Chase might have seen he was only acting tough because he asked him to audition for a priest, and Paul wound up with the priest role, Father Phil Intintola.

4. He is single

At the age of 57, you would expect the actor to at least have children and a wild romantic life, but that is not the case. Matter of fact is Paul has been secretive about his love life for so long that at one point he was rumored to be gay. However, close friends confirmed that he is not since he had a girlfriend in high school. According to Hitberry, Paul wants to be married before turning 60, so he still has three more years to choose his bride.

5. Why he was rumored to be gay

When people do not know what is going on in your life, they will speculate, fabricate, and spread their version of the truth. Well, that is what happened with Paul, whose secretive love life had many concluding that he was hiding a man friend. As per some reports, Paul was spotted with a man friend several times, and he said it is because he was tired of the press always taking pictures of celebrities the minute they walk down the streets with a woman. Whatever his choice of a partner is, we only wish him happiness.

6. His debut

Paul has been active since 1989 thanks to one film that helped kick start his career in the movie industry. “The Unbelievable Truth” is a comedy-drama movie that cast Paul as Bill. It is about a woman who dumped her boyfriend to pursue a career in modeling and ends up falling in love with a man who was once convicted of manslaughter. The film did so well that it got a nomination for a Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Festival in 1990.

7. He did not get a chance to choose the character he would be in “Suits.”

Sometimes, the paycheck we are getting dictates that we put our feelings aside and get over with the job. Robert Pattinson for instance hated the character he played and the more he read the script, the more he felt Edward Cullen was a ridiculous person. Although Paul did not get to choose his character in “Suits,” he still was impressed by everything. In his interview with USA Network, Paul was called to be in the series and handed the character they wanted him to play. He found the set so good that it immediately felt like he was in a real prison.

8. His education

Paul went to Stuyvesant High School, which is ranked #25 nationally. The school has a reputation for its science and math programs and administers more AP (Administrative Placement) exams than other high schools worldwide. To improve his acting, Paul attended Wagner Graduate School of Public Service for some acting classes. He also perfected his skills at Purchase College and New York University.

9. His net worth

The actor has accumulated $5 million from his acting career. It barely compares to his fellow actors, such as Gabriel Macht, whose net worth stands at $8 million primarily from playing Harvey Specter. For someone whose career began eight years before Patrick J. Adams was born, you would expect that Paul’s net worth would be in the league of his fellow “Sopranos” actors, but it is not. The late James Gandolfini had a net worth of $70 million at the time of his death. However, since Paul is still active, the figure is most likely to increase by the time he retires.

10. He has never received any awards

The crowning jewel in any actor’s career is bagging an award, especially an Oscar, but then not everyone can be that lucky. Paul has been in the industry for thirty years and has never received any awards. The closest he has ever come to getting any award is through his nominations at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2012 and 2016.

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