Penny Dreadful Review: Lily Pisses Off Dorian, Worst Family Dinner Ever

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If there’s any show that can be counted on coming back from a mid-season slump, that show would be Penny Dreadful. After back-to-back lackluster episodes, “No Beast So Fierce” was a much needed breath of fresh air. Last episode, things were obviously starting to heat up with Rusk swearing to kill Ethan and everyone he loves. And of course, the face-off between Ethan and his father. Notably missing was everyone else. This episode succeeds by including everyone in it. It has Dracula, Renfield, Rusk and Dr. Seward and pretty much everyone. I feel like the show’s many great characters are it’s greatest strength.

We begin with Rusk and his friends walking casually into Ethan’s house and demanding everyone’s arrest. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen. Of course, the Talbots being the hospitable people that they are, offer them dinner before going with them quietly. Anyone who’s seen Game of Thrones knows what’s up here. But before that, let’s establish how Ethan is now evil. So Rusk and Ethan’s father swap stories about Ethan’s mischief. I think we all know by now that Ethan’s done terrible things. No need to spell it out for us.

Of course, it all starts when Ethan is asked to say grace. Now that Ethan’s a servant of the devil, you can imagine the kind of grace he says. Everyone’s shocked of course, but none more than Sir Malcolm who points out how they’re all armed with knives. A massacre ensues where Ethan kills Rusk and Rusk kills Hecate and a lot of henchmen die. During all this, Kaetenay comes back to save Sir Malcolm and kill some more folks. Penny Dreadful’s really amping up the violence this season. All of this is capped off by Sir Malcolm killing Ethan’s father. Wait, what?

I’m really not sure what’s next for Ethan now. He’s obviously pissed at Hecate’s death and he’s not like to forget what Kaetenay did. At the same time, he’s now a servant of the devil but he was unwilling to kill his own father. I still stand by my theory that it will be Dracula vs Satan with Ethan leading Satan’s armies.

We’ve had some new developments on the Dracula front this time. After learning about Dracula’s name, Vanessa seeks the help of Ferdinand Lyle but Lyle seems to be exiting the show so we meet someone who can fill in for Lyle. Except that she fences and studies death. How quaint! Anyways, I’m not sure what role she’s supposed to fill but she seems interesting enough. Vanessa’s advised by Dr. Seward to go back to Dr. Sweet and she does. This time though, she tells him all about Dracula. And then they have sex. I’m not even kidding.

What’s interesting to note here is that Sweet literally spells out that he’s Dracula and Vanessa doesn’t see it. His affliation with bats was further referenced. And for some reason, I’m getting this vibe that Dracula might just be a good guy. Of course he’s driven by his lust for blood and he can’t help himself. And obviously Vanessa’s getting close to him.

Back at Lily and Dorian’s, Lily’s expanding her army and Frankenstein gets ready to drug her. Except it all goes horribly wrong. Victor gets caught and then released. Meanwhile, Dorian is now jealous of Justine. I really think that Dorian and Frankenstein are gonna team up to bring in Lily now. All in all, Lily and Dorian’s storyline was as weak as The Creature’s. All The Creature did was terrify his son.

Penny Dreadful airs Sundays on SHOWTIME at 9:00 PM.

Penny Dreadful "No Beast So Fierce" Review


Penny Dreadful recovers from it’s midseason slump by bringing back all of it’s characters in the fold.

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