Pennyworth Season 2 Teases Biggest Batman Connection So Far

Finding out more about certain characters in an already popular story is usually kind of interesting, but finding out that they were formerly SAS and far tougher than they come across initially is even better since before Pennyworth it was already common knowledge among many fans that Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s butler, and friend, was someone that had lived a very interesting life before settling in to take care of young Bruce. Pennyworth season 2 is going to continue to show this side of the famous butler while Martha and Thomas Wayne might be welcoming their first and only child by the end of the season or possibly by season 3 if it comes to that. In any case, it does sound as though Alfred and Thomas will be working together and it also sounds as though things will continue to move forward as the story continues to roll on. Season 1 was popular enough that people actually wanted to see more, which is good since there’s more to be seen and plenty of stories to keep moving forward with in order to keep people happy. It’s interesting to think that we’ve transcended the idea of simply talking about the heroes and villains and gone into the backstories that helped to make such figures instead, though like everything else it feels as though this might be another phase that will eventually go into building and widening the world of pop culture as we continue to find out more about characters that were at one time a part of the backdrop.

Alfred has never really been a backdrop character since he’s always been there as far as anyone remembers and he’s usually been a very needed voice of reason when it comes to Bruce Wayne, though this time around we get to see Alfred as a much younger man, which many people are enjoying. It does feel as though there will be a limit as to how far this story can go, but with a bit of clever storytelling and directing it’s likely that it can last for a bit at least in order to flesh out Alfred’s backstory as well as that of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Given that the Wayne family is such an integrated part of Gotham it is fair to say that their history IS Gotham in some way. And since Alfred has been around for so long it’s also reasonable to state that he’s more or less a part of the family from the start, even if his proper title is butler and guardian of young Bruce when all is said and done. Watching him develop into the man he would eventually become though is interesting as well since learning what shapes a man like Alfred Pennyworth is intriguing given that it would go a long way towards helping Bruce to become the man he would one day become.

This character has been such a vital part of the Batman story that it does make a lot of sense to give him his own story since it has been hinted at in the movies and even in the animated series that Alfred is more than what he appears to be. In a lot of ways he’s been depicted as the proper English gentleman that might have had a slightly wilder side when he was younger but by the time Bruce is a grown man has been tempered and is no longer the SAS soldier that he used to be mostly due to age. But his mind has always been quick and fully functional and it’s not that easy to discount him in any way since Alfred is the kind of character that might still be full of surprises given the fact that he was a trained soldier at one point and there are certain things that many people who serve simply don’t forget, especially if their training extended past that of many others. The SAS is no cakewalk after all and it’s far above most other groups in the armed forces since they train harder than anyone. To hear that Alfred was SAS is to realize that during his younger and formative years he was a genuine badass since the SAS don’t take anyone that can’t hang with their training and endure things that would kill many people.

Amazingly, that’s just a part of what makes Alfred so great since the character has been around so long that his mystique isn’t really that impressive any longer, but what he brings to the whole Batman legend is. To be certain, Alfred’s life could have taken a much different course if he was any different, and it’s likely that he could have walked away from the Wayne’s and not thought a single bit about their only son. But if that had been the case then we wouldn’t have had this show, and that would have been a pity.

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