People are Wondering Where All the Wonder Woman Marketing Is

Yesterday the team at Uproxx wrote a very detailed article about the lack of marketing for the movie Wonder Woman.  Today The Mary Sue wrote up a similar piece.   And if you search around Twitter and Facebook you’ll see a ton of people commenting about how the movie has lacked any kind of real marketing compared to other DCEU or Marvel films.     Here’s a tiny sample from Mary Sue’s article.

If you’ve been feeling like you’re just not seeing that much Gal Gadot, it’s not in your head. Take a look at Warner Bros’ YouTube channel. The Batman v Superman page has 30 videos, about half of which had come out before the end of the month prior to its release. Nearly two months before Suicide Squad’s release, it already had four different official TV spots. A month out from its release, Wonder Woman has five videos on its YouTube channel. Two of those are trailers from last year, and two are Google VR videos for the artwork. Gal Gadot is on the cover of Empire Magazine this month in full Wonder Woman garb, and W magazine in regular fashion form.

When you put this all together it’s minuscule.  Are producers expecting that Justice League promos are going to bring this movie home?  Is Gal Gadot just that devastatingly beautiful that people are going to come roaring in without even thinking about it?  There’s little out there as to why the film is getting so short sighted in the marketing department.

If you want my honest opinion, just plaster Gal Gadot in that outfit all over the place but keep teasing her in different positions of fighting and saying a multitude of lines.  Make this tine, short teases to appeal to the more sexual side.  I say this not as a sexist but simply because sex does sell and Gadot is as beautiful as they come in this movie.

Still though, you’d have to think someone in their marketing department’s getting canned if this movie doesn’t come off as a success.


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