Perfect Couples 1.01 “Pilot” Review

The pilot episode of a show can make or break a fans relationship with it. Ironically, a show titles Perfect Couples actually makes you want to break up with it. Not quite sure how to sugar coat it, so I figure it’s best just to jump right into the review.

The character to me seem way too over thought and a bit cliche. Perfect Couples take their first wrong move by giving us 3 couples, who of course are identified as the bickering hateful dating couple comprised of Vance (David Walton) and Amy (Mary Elizabeth Ellis), the normal married couple comprised of Dave (Kyle Bornheimer) and Julia (Christine Woods) , and over expressive “we are better than you at marriage” married couple comprised of Rex (Hayes MacArthur) and Leigh (Olivia Munn). While these couples usually work on other shows, Perfect Couples seems to over extenuate the little quirks of each couple. Vance and Amy’s (Vamy) arguements end in such a predictable way, you actually want them to not get together, Dave and Julia’s (Jave) life seems so mundane that you feel more sorry for their dog when he gets scolded than when they have problems with their friends, and Rex and Leighs (Lex) relationship is so over bearing that you end up hoping Rex will get drunk so he will say something stupid. Bottom line, these couples make real life couples seem ten times more amazing then they should.

As for the actual acting, I really only appreciated the acting of Woods and Bornheimer. They way they played their roles seemed actually like they way they would act in real life. My biggest peeve is that the writers have started to dig a grave for Ellis and Munn’s careers. For two women who have great comedic skills (Ellis on It’s Always Sunny and Munn on Attack of the Show), it seemed like their acting was completely off and no where near funny. The condescending attitude that Munn portrays was uber fake in a way that makes you think Munn may be trying to get out of this job. As for Ellis, her incessant yelling and dumbed down attitude is like a complete opposite of what fans know and love her for. Let’s hope that this show won’t interfere with Ellis returning to It’s Always Sunny in the future.

Right from the get go, Perfect Couples seemed to be doomed. I’ll be giving this show one more shot to win my heart but, if it doesn’t suceed, I’ll probably be writing my Dear John letter very quickly. D-

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