10 Things You Didn’t Know about Peyton Royce

Not everyone is familiar with the world of professional wrestling. It’s one of those sports that you either love and follow like it’s your job, or you just don’t pay attention to it. There’s not much in between when it comes to that. If you are not a follower, you probably don’t recognize the name Peyton Royce. She’s a pro-wrestler who has been in the game longer than a decade, and it’s time you get to know this pro wrestling superstar.

1. She’s Young

She might be someone who has been a pro for more than a decade, but that doesn’t mean she’s old. She’s quite young still. Her date of birth is November 10, 1992. She’s still a 90s baby, which makes her someone who isn’t even in her 30s yet.

2. She’s Australian

She was born in Sydney. That’s located in South Wales, which is in Australia. She did not spend her entire life here, though. She eventually moved as a child to Melbourne, also in Australia. However, she didn’t spend that much time there, either. She and her family then moved to Canada. They specifically moved to Calgary, Alberta.

3. She’s Not Named Peyton

It is a pretty name, but it is not her name. Her birth name is actually Cassandra McIntosh. She’s always gone by Cassie in her life. Her friends and family called her Cassie, but she chose to go with the name Peyton as a professional wrestling name. We don’t know why she chose that name.

4. She’s A Dancer

Her entire life, she was a good dancer. She began dancing as a little girl, and she was quite good at it. However, it simply wasn’t the thing that captured her attention when she was choosing a sport to play. We imagine she’s still a pretty good dancer, though.

5. She’s Been Wrestling for Two Decades

We told you she’s been in the game for a long time, and we meant that. She began wrestling when she was only 9. She began watching the sport at this age, and she decided then and there this is what she was going to do in her life.

6. She’s Married

Sorry, gentlemen. She’s not on the market. In fact, she’s still technically considered a newlywed. She married another pro wrestler back in 2019. Her husband is Shawn Spears, and they’ve only been married since August 2019. They are just coming up on their first wedding anniversary, and we wish the newlyweds a very happy day.

7. Her Husband Has Multiple Names

If you are confused about her husband’s name, join the club. If you’re not an avid wrestling fan, you might be with us in our confusion over the fact that he’s got what appears to be three names. He is Shawn Spears. He is also Tye Dillinger. He is also Ron Arneill. We don’t actually know what his real name is, but we imagine it might be one of those?

8. She’s Got Some Patience

Peyton Royce’s husband better appreciate what his wife is willing to sacrifice for him. You see, he’s also a pro wrestler, and one of his big matches was in the middle of their honeymoon. He left their post-marital vacation and went home to wrestle, and she was totally down for it. Of course, he would have been fine if she had done the same thing, we imagine. It’s part of the game. But, she’s clearly a patient wife. They were in Hawaii, but they left for Chicago, then right back to Hawaii. That’s not a quick trip, you know.

9. She’s Kind

And she makes it very clear that she’s not a fan of anyone who isn’t. She knows that the only way to be cool in life is to be a kind person, and that’s what she strives to be each and every day. We love that about her. It is easy to see why she has so many fans both inside and out of the pro wrestling world. She’s clearly a woman who knows what’s up.

10. She’s Got a Great Best Friend

We all know she’s part of the duo IIconics in the wrestling world. We know her partner is Billie Kay. We know that they are a great team, but did you know that they are actual real life best friends, too? They are so proud of one another, they love to work together, and they are so happy with their ability to work and play together. We love their friendship.

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