Photos: V 2.10 “Mother’s Day” – The MOTHER of All Mother’s Days! Season Finale!!!

Tomorrow night, we will see the ‘shocking’Season Two finale of V entitled ‘Mother’s Day.’Unfortunately for us, there is also a distinct possibility that this will be the SERIES finale, and any future with these characters will be left for our own brains to concoct.

On ABC on the Ides of March, Tuesday, March 15th at 9pm EST, the Fifth Column with engage with imprisoned former queen Diana and her granddaughter, Lisa, as they try to remove Anna from power so humanity and Visitors can live together in harmony. For a reason we have never been told, Anna believes that our two species cannot survive together. Thankfully, others of her species, including the former and future queen, believe differently and are willing to put their lives on the line to ensure the survival of both.

Marc Singer, who played a heroic freedom fighter in the original V series, makes an appearance as a high-ranking official of a top secret organization who long suspected the Visitors are not here in harmony, no matter how hard they have tried to convince humanity otherwise. Maybe it’s just me, but I am hoping deep down that his new persona is just who he has become in the years since the first series. I like throwbacks, and it would please me to have one where Mr. Singer is involved.

Chad is summoned to see Anna by no fewer than four escorts. That can’t be good. He has come a long way in his belief systems about the visitors, and I would hope his fate as a good man doesn’t become his doom.

I have no idea what is in the envelope that Jack gave to Anna, but it did make me giggle a bit to see another photo of Anna having one of her minions see if it passes the sniff test. I’d like to think anything already in her hand would have done the damage the Fifth Column wanted and a whiff wouldn’t make much of a difference to the contents. But, it made for fun speculation!

Join us in watching the exciting season finale to see what it all means!!

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