Photos Confirm Comic-Accurate Misty Knight for ‘Luke Cage Season 2′

There’s a reason why Luke Cage is the highest rated anything to be a part of the expansive Marvel Cinematic Universe: Movie or otherwise.  In addition to its action-packed fight scenes and incredibly relevant story for our increasingly troubled times — with plenty to say about the nature of the often-disparaged “inner city” and historically (if not contemporaneously) maligned minority groups, it was a fantastic character piece with some of the most fleshed out and memorable players in the entire Marvel canon.

Chief among these characters is Misty Knight: a badass detective and Harlem native who polices the streets that she grew up on in order to make the world a better place for everybody.  She was a tough, independent and complex character who often found herself on both sides of the law in order to better serve her community.

Ever since her debut in Luke Cage, speculation has abounded her character.  Given her comic book history and her on-screen predilections, she has long been rumored to leave her job as a law enforcement officer in order to find her own way in life: to spinoff into a Netflix series of her own — Daughters of the Dragon.

In both print and on screen, Misty was never a stickler for the rules.  In fact, her lax attitude toward vigilantes and the way in which she would frequently and actively assist them — often at the expense of the law — has gotten in her frequent trouble with her superiors.  After her negligence as an officer resulted in three super-powered suspects escaping police custody and committing acts of domestic terrorism throughout the city, The Defenders ended on the implication that she was no longer welcome back to her old job.

More than that, The Defenders finale set up the potential and long-awaited Daughters of the Dragon spinoff.  Bereft of a job and increasingly on the wrong side of the law, it only makes sense for her to take justice and criminality into her own hands.  Her frequent scuffles with the superpowered side of the Big Apple made her acquaintances of Claire Temple — in the comics, the Night Nurse — and Colleen Wing — who already goes by “Daughter of the Dragon” in Iron Fist‘s underground cage fights.

Now another dangling plot thread from The Defenders has been filled in by an Entertainment Weekly photo shoot for Luke Cage Season 2.  After losing her arm in the climax of the crossover series, Misty was told that Danny Rand — who owns all the latest in biomedical toys — would spring for her recovery.  And now we see her stepping into a more comic-accurate look for her character: namely in the form of a bionic arm.

In the comics, the prosthetic was given to her by Iron Man, although Netflix’s reimagining of this makes perfect sense for the series.  Misty hasn’t had any contact with Tony Stark, but Danny Rand is just as wealthy and owes her one for the help that she gave him during his rescue from Hell’s Kitchen.

One can only hope that her own series is soon to follow.


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