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A new episode of The Tudors will be airing this weekend on April 25 as the show works its way through its final season. Showtime has released promo photos and a synopsis of the episode, which you can view below.

Buoyed by the happiness that a young wife brings an aging man, Henry is noticeably more tolerant and forgiving than he once was. Such goodwill is well appreciated by the peasants of the North who gratefully accept Henry’s forgiveness for the Pilgrimage of Grace revolt, during a Royal visit. But the King’s benevolence may yet be tested by his new Queen: Katherine Howard has submitted to seduction by the young and handsome Thomas Culpepper.

Henry VIII (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is in great spirits. Buoyed by the happiness that a young wife brings an aging man, he is noticeably more tolerant and forgiving than the Henry of old. He pardons a criminal, visits his estranged young daughter Princess Elizabeth (Laoise Murray) and plans a visit to the North of England — his first visit to the territory that hatched the ‘˜Pilgrimage of Grace’rebellion. Charles Brandon (Henry Cavill) is ordered to go ahead and make preparations.

Scenes of rebellion are now closer to home. Unknown to the doting King, his wife Katherine Howard (Tamzin Merchant) has begun a serious flirtation with the young and handsome Thomas Culpepper (Torrance Coombs) with the assistance of her lady in waiting, Lady Rochford (Joanne King).

Cuckolding the King is a capital offense but Henry, of course, can play by different rules and takes his pleasure in the bed of Anne of Cleves (Joss Stone) — the ex-wife he once thought ugly.

A large and impressive entourage accompanies the King, Queen and Princess Mary (Sarah Bolger) north to the city of Lincoln for the royal visit. In his appreciation for the warm welcome he receives, Henry gives a speech forgiving the city for its earlier revolt. Feeling benevolent and powerful once more, the King longs to be with his young bride but his troublesome leg-wound makes him tired and irritable and confines him to his room. Thomas Culpepper, on the other hand, is young, passionate and fit for a Queen.

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