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Things are really not looking up for Ms. Katherine Howard. It looks like things are going to get grim for the young queen very quickly. Showtime has released promo photos and a synopsis for the May 9 new episode of the Tudors.

Lord Hertford’s investigation into allegations of the Queen’s infidelities moves with speed. Deeply upset by revelations of his beloved young wife’s sexual past, Henry weeps. But once adultery is uncovered, his response is swift and decisive.

Queen Katherine (Tamzin Merchant) is shocked by the King’s (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) orders that she be confined to her apartments. The investigation into her past moves with speed: Francis Dereham is arrested and interrogated. Joan Bulmer is questioned as is the Dowager Duchess of Norfolk — at whose home Joan and Catherine lived as young women and where their immoral acts are rumored to have taken place. Dereham confesses that he and Katherine Howard had planned to get married and that he knew her carnally before she became Queen. A serious revelation, but not adultery.

Uncharacteristically, Henry weeps when told of these discoveries. But his response is unsentimental and swift: Katherine Howard is removed from court and her title as Queen withdrawn. Her pleas for understanding and forgiveness are coldly ignored but she knows she is lucky to escape with her life.

Francis Derehem is brutally tortured as Lord Hertford (Max Brown) seeks to establish if Katherine Howard committed adultery. Dereham denies the charge but points to Thomas Culpepper (Torrance Coombs) who is promptly arrested. Furious that the betrayal was widely known, Henry isolates himself from his court. Betrayed, bruised but unbowed the King gives a banquet, attended only by 26 beautiful young women.

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