What Does the Phrase “To Dance Like Uma Thurman” Mean?

When you hear the phrase that someone wants ‘to dance like Uma Thurman‘ it seems pretty obvious. Of course if you’re not a film buff and don’t get pop culture references then it might sail right over your head. That’s okay, not everyone has watched the movie Pulp Fiction and it’s very possible that the idea of Uma Thurman getting down to the beat isn’t where a lot of people’s minds might go. It might even be that a lot of people don’t even know who Uma Thurman is, or why dancing like her would be something that a band would put in their song lyrics. Obviously though it made an impression on the band members and they decided that it would be agreeable to use it in this manner.

If you’ve watched the film then you know the scene in which Mia and Vince, played by Uma Thurman and John Travolta respectively, are at a place called Jackrabbit Slim’s and have just ordered dinner while discussing a rather heavy subject that had to do with Mia’s husband Marcellus throwing someone out of a window and affirming whether it was true or not. When the hosts of the restaurant announce that a dance off is about to begin Mia raises her hand and after a brief but meaningful argument with Vince they head on over to the dance floor. From that point on it’s all about the music and how Mia and Vince get down. This actually isn’t the only time that Uma and John have danced together either, as they managed to get out on the dance floor in the movie Be Cool, in which Travolta plays a shylock that’s changed his ways and become an important man in Hollywood, and Thurman plays the wife of a deceased record producer who’s trying to keep the business from going under.

While it was more of a 50’s motif in Pulp Fiction, Be Cool featured the Black Eyed Peas to give Travolta and Thurman something with a more modern beat to dance to. In both though they manage to look good at doing what they’re doing, which is pretty cool since if you think about it Travolta has been dancing for a while. If you don’t remember he was in Saturday Night Fever as well, and has been known as a dancer for quite a while. In his older years he’s been shying away from the dancing aspect a bit but he’s always managed to come back to it when he needs to. In this film there was definitely more of the energetic touch that was so prevalent with the 50’s music, meaning a lot of shorter, choppier movements that flowed together rather than the long and graceful movements that come with modern music at times.

Any way you put it though Uma looks very graceful as she gets on the dance floor and starts to take the lead. While they both do their own thing, she definitely steals the show as it kind of looks like Travolta takes a while to really get into it.

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