Pokémon Adventures: Black 2 & White 2 Manga is Back

It seems that the manga Pokemon Adventures: Black 2 & White 2 has returned from a hiatus that started up in February of 2018. This suggests that the people behind the Pokemon Adventures manga have finalized their plans for this particular arc, thus enabling them to continue with the story. It should be mentioned that Pokemon Adventures: Black 2 & White 2 has fallen very, very far behind, as shown by the fact that both the X & Y and the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arcs have finished up.

What Is Pokemon Adventures: Black 2 & White 2 Anyways?

For those who are unfamiliar, the Pokemon Adventures manga is a very long-running manga that started up in the late 1990s and promise to continue far into the future. This is it is based on the main Pokemon games in the Pokemon franchise, which is why it is divided up into arcs based on particular sets of games. Content-wise, Pokemon Adventures has a very different feel from either the Pokemon games or the Pokemon anime, which is relevant because Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri has praised it for its resemblance to the setting that he was seeking to convey through his works.

As for how Pokemon Adventures feels, it is worth mentioning a number of points. First, its stories are closer to those of the main Pokemon games when compared with the stories of the Pokemon anime. However, it is important to note that this is in relative terms, meaning that there can still be huge differences between the Pokemon games and the Pokemon Adventures manga. For proof, look no further than the fact that the Pokemon Adventures version of Lance from Generation I was a villain who wanted to wipe out most of the human race save for the exception of a small number of individuals who were kind to Pokemon.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this means that the Pokemon Adventures manga is quite a bit darker than most other Pokemon media. For instance, it would be an exaggeration to say that people die on a regular basis in the series. However, it is no distortion of the truth to say that both humans and Pokemon are sometimes killed in the series.

Third, it should be said that the Pokemon Adventures manga are centered on characters based on those of the main Pokemon games. Due to this, said characters have personalities, which can be a huge change-up from the vehicles for self-insertion that exist in the main Pokemon games. Suffice to say that it can be something of a surprise to learn that, say, the Pokemon Adventures versions of the main characters have dreams, backgrounds, and other characteristics that serve to flesh them out.

What Should You Know About Pokemon Adventures: Black 2 & White 2?

Naturally, the Pokemon Adventures: Black 2 & White 2 arc is centered on characters based on the player characters of those two games. First, there is Blake, whose game counterpart would be Nate. In short, he is a member of the International Police in spite of his young age, who has been entrusted with the mission of ferreting out the remaining members of Team Plasma. Second, there is Whitley, whose game counterpart would be Rosa. In her case, she was a member of Team Plasma. To be exact, she was a member of N’s faction within Team Plasma, meaning that she was aligned with those who wanted to free Pokemon from evil humans rather than those seeking to use Pokemon for their own selfish gains. After the defeat of Team Plasma, she was forced to flee along with her mother, who was a member of the organization as well.

Story-wise, Pokemon Adventures: Black 2 & White 2 is similar to its source material in the broad strokes. However, there are significant differences elsewhere, with an excellent example being how Colress has a much more villainous role in the manga than in the games. In fact, said character even comes up with a mind-control device for Pokemon, which plays a significant role in the story.

On the whole, it seems safe to say that Pokemon Adventures is a very different kind of Pokemon experience. As a result, it might be interesting for Pokemon fans who want to sample something familiar but from a very different angle.

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