Potential Proof That Tony Stark is Still Alive Comes to Light

It seems like we can always turn to Kevin Burwick and MovieWeb for some interesting insights when it comes to various movies and TV show theories that get floated around now and again. This one might tug at the ol’ heartstrings of a lot of people though since any potential proof that Tony Stark might be alive is enough to send some Marvel fans into whoops of delight at could be cut short rather quickly when they come to realize that it’s his AI that would be counted as proof of life. If you’ll remember from the comics Tony did download his consciousness into a computer program that would essentially preserve everything that he was and could be in order to be a mentor to Riri Williams, the young woman that essentially took over his mantle in the Marvel universe and became the hero known as Ironheart. In the MCU it might be a bit different since so far we haven’t seen any sign of anyone like Riri and in fact the kid from Iron Man 3 might actually become a successor for all we know since let’s face it, the Marvel universe kind of needs an Iron Man or someone equivalent even though they still have War Machine, who might not be as much of a factor in the coming years so far as we know at this point.

At this point it doesn’t seem as though they’re worrying all that much about having more than War Machine, who likely won’t be as prominent as Iron Man was, but there are plenty of heroes coming in that might be able to take over for Tony. But the theory that Tony is going to remain with the MCU as an AI presence is kind of interesting since it’s something that you might think is entirely possible since Tony Stark is one of the smartest people on the planet and definitely vain enough to have wanted to preserve his genius in some form. But whether or not he’ll actually still be a part of the MCU as much as he was throughout the last decade is hard to believe. It does seem worth believing, to JK Schmidt of Comic Book and many others, that the franchise could recycle and reuse some of the footage that has been acquired throughout the years, but it does seem as though RDJ would still be pulling down a paycheck, albeit much less, for a cameo role here and there. In a way he would almost become another JARVIS, as Vision started out early on when the MCU was being set up through the Iron Man movies. That wouldn’t be too bad since JARVIS wasn’t there at every given moment, but was around whenever Tony needed him and when it was feasible to place the voice of Paul Bettany into the plot. Once he became Vision though things had to change obviously and a new voice, Friday, had to replace him. But what if Tony were to replace Friday for the next person to take his place?

This theory is built off of a lot of supposition given that there are years in between the beginning of the MCU and Endgame, Tony had a lot of time to work on a number of things in his down time, which he had a lot of believe it or not since he had enough time to build up Stark Tower, numerous Iron Man suits, and many other projects that seemed to take him very little time overall. It’s not hard to think that during that time he was trying to find a way to continue his legacy and thereby make sure that his genius and what he knew could be passed on to others when he was gone. Tony had no sense of immortality, he knew that one day his number would be up, and as a rule it seems that he would have been working to immortalize at least a part of him since the rest was a virtual impossibility.  The idea, moving forward with this, is that he would be working diligently on transferring who and what he is to the digital world so that he could be allowed to carry his knowledge onward and upward in a manner that could benefit humanity.

A big part of the theory, as Chris Edwards of DigitalSpy echoes, has to do with his goodbye video to his wife and daughter, which is kind of odd since he seems to know just where the two of them are in the room and is speaking to them directly. There are ways to explain this that might not satisfy some individuals, but at the same time would be torn apart by carefully crafted arguments. All the same, there is a lot of belief in Tony Stark that seems to indicate that this could happen quite easily just because of who he is and what he’s capable of. He’s Iron Man after all, there hasn’t been a lot that’s beyond him throughout the history of the MCU.

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