Predicting Where Amanda Bynes Will Be in Five Years

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes is a name we all know. She was a child star who seemed so much like she had her head on her shoulders. She presented herself as intelligent, hilarious, funny, talented, and she was good at what she did. She was a child star who turned into a star in her adult life, too, which is not always the case. For many years, it seems that she was not going to follow in the same footsteps as some of her peers; the peers who were hugely successful as kids and then turned to a life of drugs, alcohol, partying, and not doing the things that they needed to be doing (ahem, Lindsay Lohan, anyone?). But, that all went downhill quickly.

Her problems began gradually around 2008-ish. There were some projects that she was announced to star in, and there were some issues she didn’t get to handle on her own. There were some actresses who ended up starring in things that were slated for Bynes to star in, and there were some rumors that she was in trouble because of her personal life. They were not too obvious at the time, but the ball dropped back in 2012 when she was arrested and charged with DUI. Even then, however, no one really batted an eye. It happens all the time in Hollywood, and she’d been so good up to that point.

Unfortunately, that was just the beginning. She was then caught starting fires. She was then put in a hold to monitor her mental health, and it all went downhill quickly from there. Her mother is her conservator, and she accused her father on Twitter, of all places, of abusing her in many ways back in 2014. She quickly followed that announcement with an apology and the very reasonable explanation that it was a microchip in her brain that caused her to say things like that on the internet. She then announced that she’d been diagnosed as bipolar, and that she needed to get sober. Things did not go well for her. And, that was just the tip of the iceberg for her.

She’s spent many years outside of the press, keeping her life to herself, not really getting into any trouble, and not really doing anything by staying low. She’s changed that, though, as she recently got back on social media with the announcement that she’s getting married to the love of her life, and then to announce that she’s spending too much money on her treatment, and that she feels that her insurance company should pay for more of it, among other things. It’s made us wonder – where will Amanda Bynes be in five years? We can’t predict the future, but we do think we can throw out a few ideas.

1. Not Married

We don’t think she will be married, and that is for certain. There are a few reasons for this one. One, her mother has conservatorship. If she’s not happy with the marriage and the many things that are going on in her daughter’s life, she’s going to utilize that power and annul the marriage. She has the power to do so by saying that her daughter is not of sound mind. At the age of 33, Bynes can clearly go out and do what she wants in terms of getting married and being the wife she seems to want to be, but her mother can and probably will change that in an instance. So, she’ll either try to get married and end up with it annulled, or she will just never get married at all because things will not work out for her.

2. Back in Rehab

We have no doubt that she will eventually end up back in rehab if she doesn’t take care of herself. She did announce in 2018 that her parents helped her get sober and she’d been that way for four years, but she’s someone who is not well and that doesn’t aid her in keeping her life that way. She’s impulsive, she tends to spend time with the wrong people, and that will come back to haunt her. We hope she stays clean and sober, but we will not be shocked if she is unable to do this and ends up back in rehab.

3. On Reality Television

She has not worked in a long time, and that’s going to get to her at some point. There will come a time in her life that she will end up back on television in some sort of reality role. If it’s offered and it’s not one that might harm her, her mother might allow this to happen. But, we don’t know that for certain when she knows Hollywood is dangerous and might not help her daughter in any capacity. There’s a chance, though, we will see her on reality television.

4. In Prison

Unfortunately, we would not be surprised if she ended up in jail. She’s not going to stay for a long time, but we would not be surprised if she ends up out of control one more time and that takes her to jail. She’s a mess, and we don’t know if this new man she’s with is all about keeping her in a good place in her life or if he is more about having fun and using her fame and her face to help him get there. Her parents say that nothing surprises them at this point, so we will see.

5. With Child

If she’s not a mother in the next five years, we will be shocked. She’s a woman with a mental disorder who is in her 30s and being made to live under the control of her own parents. It’s not the best relationship, and we’d not be surprised if she deliberately decided to have a baby of her own so that she can start over and so that she can have some control over someone in her own life. It’s all the wrong reasons, and we hope she doesn’t do this.

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