Predictions We’re Making about Fast and Furious 9

It’s hard to say ‘no’ to another Fast and Furious movie since they’ve been making boatloads of money at the box office and they’ve been filled with enough action to be rightfully called ‘action-packed’ almost the whole way through. Plus, they’ve added in enough characters throughout the movies that have been memorable and even vital to the story for as long as they’ve been there that it would seem that stopping it now would halt a few character arcs that people really want to see explored a bit more. But after the last two it does seem as though it might be time to think about making this next trilogy, as Simon Brew from Den of Geek! has said will be coming, the last. One thing about Fast and Furious 9 though that’s not a prediction according to Yohana Desta from Vanity Fair; Hobbs and Shaw won’t be there.

Originally the plan seems to have been for Fast and Furious 9 to release in April of 2019. Well, here we are and nothing, so it’s assumed that they’re filming it now and will be a while in letting it release, which means part 10 might actually see the return of Hobbs and Shaw if we’re lucky. But until then, let’s make a few predictions about part 9.

Cipher will return.

Tom Eames from DigitalSpy thinks Cipher is coming back, and quite honestly anyone that says she’s not would be kind of remiss in thinking about just what happened between her and Dom in the last movie. He blew up her prized submarine after all, and took out her team of highly trained soldiers. He even killed her redheaded boyfriend, remember that? Because of him and his maneuvering she lost just about everything she had built up, though with a villain like Cipher it’s easy to think that she has about a dozen safe houses or caches she can call upon when she needs them. But it does seem as though she might come back to really wreck Dom’s life now, and she has a bit of leverage that might make the stakes just a little higher.

Either Mr. Nobody will be back, or his protege will take over.

It’s kind of hard to say whether Kurt Russell would come back again or if they should just send Scott Eastwood back in and make him a part of the team, a part that can operate in ways that they can’t and vice versa. He’s a skilled actor and while it took him a while to make his character mesh with the group it seems as though he could be a valued asset. Plus, Russell is getting pretty old at this point and despite the fact that he’s still that good it’s also fair to say that his character might be feeling the press of his years at some point. It would be great to have them both, but it seems likely that we’ll only get one this time around.

Dom has a kid now, so his dangerous days need to be behind him.

Kids don’t make you weak, but they do tend to embolden your enemies in the movies since they see a trigger they can push again and again to make a person forget about offense and worry only about defense on a continual basis. With Dom we know that’s not his only thought process, and that endangering his family isn’t a good idea. But the unfortunate part is that while he is a dangerous man when provoked, he can only be in so many places at once and he has enemies that would love to see him hurt in more ways than one. Fast and Furious wouldn’t be the same if Dom became domesticated, but at the same time you can’t really expect him to be outrunning the law and the bad guys all at once with a kid in tow.

There are lot of other theories that have yet to be fully discovered, but they do involve a lot of plot holes that have been largely left alone by all but the fans at this point, like the idea that Shaw killed Han and was never talked to about it. Then there’s the idea of Sean finally joining the family, maybe, hopefully. There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to the next film, and the next, and hopefully the last one after. So far it sounds like Vin Diesel is wanting to call it good after the next trilogy, but since this movie seems to make money hand over fist every time it comes out with a new chapter we’ll have to wait and see about that. After all, you don’t stop a money train when it’s chugging along on its own power and printing money as it goes.

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