Presenting the Umbrella Academy Season 2 Blooper Reel

It’s intriguing to see how close a cast can become when they’re working on a show for so long and the resulting bloopers that come along at times are great since they indicate that they really are close enough that they can laugh together and have a good time and not get too stressed out when things happen. It would be worth it for a lot of people to experience a day or two on the set of their favorite shows to see how things happen and how often things can happen on set that makes people mess up here and there. It’s nice to know that actors can still mess up every now and then and that they’re not absolutely perfect at all times. Of course, it probably does get a bit tough for directors to deal with now and again when the actors might forget their lines or, owing to a long day of filming, might feel like getting a bit goofy now and then. Anyone that’s been stuck doing something repetitious for more than half a day can relate in a big way since typical emotions that are felt in such a situation would be frustration, anxiety, or the simple need to do something that breaks up the monotony. In acting, it does feel as though things just kind of happen that aren’t in anyone’s control at that given moment but after so many hours it does appear that people get to feeling a bit goofy and tend to need to let off a bit of steam now and then.

It’s amazing in some cases to think that some shows have bloopers while others either don’t, or we don’t get to see them. Programs that are a little more serious definitely come off as being a surprise when it comes to seeing a blooper reel emerge since one would think that people are really trying their best to get everything right. But then again, if people take things too seriously it’s easy to think that it might be kind of a hostile working environment that wouldn’t really be that great for anyone. In a show such as The Umbrella Academy, it’s probably a very good thing that people feel the need to laugh and just be nutty now and then since otherwise it does feel as though things would get a little too serious. The nature of the show kind of indicates that things are a bit goofy now and then anyway, but the whole idea of taking the show too seriously is something that would no doubt spoil it for some if they learned that the people on set were miserable most of the time and had harsh working conditions that didn’t allow them to just blow off some steam every now and then. Of course, blowing off a bit more than steam in a crowded space is kind of tough to get behind since it’s not exactly something you might want to do in front of a bunch of people.

But that also goes into the idea that the people on set are actually on pretty good terms with each other since they don’t appear to mind when someone messes up as it’s probably understood that things happen and they’re not perfect either. When you can think that standing in front of a camera trying to pretend that you’re someone else might be a little awkward, it gets easier to think that actors aren’t bound to get everything right at all times. Plenty of us lose our train of thought while at work, but obviously, when an actor does this they tend to goof up a bit and forget a line or where they’re supposed to be standing, or where the camera is at. Sometimes this is bound to be a little more costly since certain effects and stunts can’t be replicated over and over without costing a great deal, but when it’s insanely important it does feel that a lot of actors know when to pull it together and just soldier on and do the best they can. One has to remember that out of the thousands of actors that audition and attempt to get somewhere with their career, those that we see on the screen are those that made it, and there’s a reason for that. So cutting them some slack when they goof up a bit is probably a good idea since keeping them on edge and not allowing them to have any fun at all wouldn’t exactly contribute to a stable and pleasing work environment.

When all is said and done the bloopers that go with any show or movie tend to be worth it since this shows a lot of audience members that it’s okay for the actors to have a good time and get a bit goofy sometimes.

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