Pretty Little Liars 1.12 “Salt Meets Wound” Review

Last night’s Pretty Little Liars gave us some answers to some long standing questions and we are thankful for that. Albeit, we all know that questions are like weeds; once you deal with them the first time around, the more they populate in the same area. Those pesky ‘weeds’ will be the death of us…

Pretty Little Girls Should Know That A Mother’s Conservative Morals Trump A Daughter’s Happiness Anyday

Just when you thought Pam Fields couldn’t get even more ridiculous, she broke Emily’s heart by declaring that she was sick to her stomach about Emily’s relationship with Maya. Talk about a slap to the face. Pam is all about her conservative morals and was aghast at everything concerning Maya’s parents and upbringing, which she will blame for Emily’s newfound interest in girls. The funny thing is that while Pam is doing all the freaking out, Mr. Fields is taking things in stride by being more accepting of the whole situation and not causing waves. Maybe Mr. Fields’s time in the military has opened his eyes to the world around him, which probably is why he’s more ‘understanding’ about Emily’s plight than Pam will ever be. On the other hand, Pam might not have really stepped outside of Rosewood mentally and clings on to her traditional values as a means of a glamour tool, meaning she’s only wigging out because of what the neighbors will think, not for Emily’s well-being. While Pam did try to come to terms with Emily and Maya by having the dinner, she crumbled under the pressure. We hope she will eventually see the light soon.

But with Toby somewhat back into the picture, Pam has to make a decision: would she rather Emily have a bad boy or a bad girl?

Pretty Little Girls Should Carry A Creep Detector on Them at All Times

Noel has officially joined the ranks of Rosewood’s Most Potentially Psychotic Bachelors. It puzzles us that Aria takes up for this kid, especially with him possibly being the culprit who mowed Hanna down. Noel took his obsession up a notch by attempting to blackmail Ezra into giving him a better grade, declaring things would get ugly if Ezra didn’t. Who would’ve thought Noel was so devious? With that said, we still can’t see him as ‘A’ just yet. Although, we did just find out Allison did some damage to a past relationship of his out of spite, but is that enough to don a shady personae and stalk the girls?

Bottom line? Aria needs to wake up and not get sucked into Noel’s cesspool of crazy.

Some Pretty Little Girls Know How To Juggle Broken Hearts, Others Don’t

Hanna had to deal with Lucas drunk crashing the party Mona threw for her and the ignorace of Sean at the same time. While we understand Lucas is “good” for Hanna, he’s doing an extremely poor job of arguing his case. Plus, the bombshell of him defacing Allison’s memorial will not earn him any points with anyone. Maybe Hanna should just take a page out of Kelly Taylor’s book and choose herself in this fight, because at this point, neither guy is worth her time and headaches.

Elsewhere, the more Spencer tries to make things work with Alex, the more their financial backgrounds get in the way. It’s understandable that Alex wanted to keep his word on working for his family member that summer, but it is also understandable for Spencer to try to get him to pursue tennis, which could get him where he wants to go. Both sides make valid arguments, so it’s hard to pick a stance and stick with it. With that said, Spencer and Alex’s “Upstairs, Downstairs” conflict will grow old quick if they don’t come to a level conclusion and leave their checkbooks out of their relationship for now.

Pretty Little Liars Sure Know How To Party…

While ‘A’ was super busy last night, the most damage done was with the money Ashley stole from her job. First off, the money should’ve been hidden in a better location than the kitchen pantry, especially with folks coming in and out to look after Hanna. At least two of the suspects (Noel and Lucas) were at the party, but ‘A’ sent a message before that party even was a thought in anyone’s mind. Could Mona or, worse, one of Hanna’s fellow Little Liars have anything to do with this? Mona has a seriously iron clad motive to come after the girls, but is she really that smart to carry out something so devious and well planned? Looks can be deceiving…

Now, the Marins are broke again until ‘A’ gets tired of toying with the Little Liars, which is nowhere near any time soon. Also, wonder how Ashley was seriously planning on paying that money back? Now, that’s a new mystery…

Meanwhile, ‘A’ threw a dagger into Spencer’s relationship with Alex, which really didn’t hold a “wow!” factor in the overall scheme of things. However, it’s a wonder how ‘A’ managed to get all of Alex’s information to send in that application.

Also, there is the reveal of Jenna being the one who ratted Toby out. Why? So she could keep him on her leash. The love this girl has for Toby has long left Psychoticville with no return to reality in sight. We would suggest Toby run for the hills, but Jenna has some skills that would rival Daredevil and can could probably find Toby without even lifting a finger. Maybe that’s why Toby was chipping away at his home arrest ankle bracelet last night, to escape the crazy.

Speaking of Toby, we found out that the blood on his sweater belonged to Allison, which probably puts him back in the suspect pool. After learning that piece of information, Spencer noticed something we didn’t as she went through Ian’s things. Thank God for flashback scenes! Spencer spots a Hilton Head Resort tag on Ian’s golf bag then flashes back to the summer of Allison’s disappearance when Allison returned home with the same tag on her luggage. Allison lied about being at the resort, but Spencer isn’t one to try to get over on and has a pretty damn sharp memory. Not only does this revelation make Ian even more suspicious, but it also adds to the theory of the girls dealing with two different people. Why? Because if Ian was at the party then someone would’ve noticed if he took the money, plus he’s pretty well known in town.

Maybe Ian is working with ‘A’ to get back at the girls? Who knows. One thing is for sure, the evidence against Ian is piling up taller than a Jenga set. Can’t wait for it to crash all around him.

Well Liars, what did you think about last night’s episode? Has the plot thickened enough for you?

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