Pretty Sure Laurie Strode Would be in a Mental Hospital if She Were a Real Person

Laurie Strode

So how much can one human being take? This is a good question for a character like Laurie Strode from Halloween since most people that have gone through what she’s endured would have been admitted to a mental hospital a couple times over by now. Seriously, look at everything that has happened to her since the beginning of the Halloween franchise and you might wonder just how she’s not addicted to the best pills that money can buy and zonked out of her mind half the time just to keep the memories of Michael from tormenting her repeatedly. It’s true that she’s become something of a headcase in the movies, but at the same time you can’t help but think that in real life she’d be more than a drunk that sits behind a heavily fortified door and tries to escape from the world. It really seems as though she would have had a serious break from reality at this point since Michael’s fixation on her is something that doesn’t seem to go away, and considering that he doesn’t seem capable of dying thanks to the writers one would think that she might have even punched her own ticket by now.

If you didn’t get the gist of it, the Halloween movies really need to stop. Some people would likely read this and stop the moment they heard that kind of talk, but like a few other franchises this has gone on for long enough. At one point it might have been nice if they’d just stopped and let Michael’s legend continue to carry him forward as other characters have in the past. The worst that could have happened would have been that he would have been forgotten and then resurrected in a remake or a reboot, with a NEW CAST to show the younger generations just what they’d missed out on decades before. But nope, we had to endure watching Laurie come out of the shadows yet again as Michael continued to stalk her years after the first time and continue to try and kill her in that same tired, methodical way. Anyone ever notice that? The killer gets creative when it comes to other victims, but with Laurie it’s a basic blitz attack most times that seems to be the default method of Myers when it comes to taking out his top intended victim. Jason Voorhees got creative a time or two, as did Chucky, and Freddy Krueger went all out with some of his victims since he rarely ever killed someone the same way twice. But with Michael it’s more like watching a battering ram being used inventive ways until it’s time to storm the castle and perform the same old tired function that it’s been made for. Had Michael been given any other way to go after Laurie or even the inkling that he’d stop, think about it, and remember how things turned out in the past, he might have actually been written in as finally getting her. As Justin Kirkland from Esquire shows not every attempt has been all that successful, obviously.

In the 2018 version he did manage to stab her in the gut, but she still lived. On top of that she somehow locked him in a basement and set the house on fire, letting him burn as she and her fellow survivors made their way to safety. But huh boy, just think about the psychological impact that would come from seeing that he was nowhere to be found once the fire was all said and done. You would easily think that Laurie would be checking into an insane asylum with thick walls and strong metal doors and possibly a slew of armed guards with enough artillery to take down a rampaging rhino. Michael isn’t impervious to damage after all, though he does tend to come back again, and again, and again, even though it’s been time for a long time to finally let this character settle and just enter the hall of the greats when it comes to movie monsters. It’s enough to wonder if Hollywood remembers what happens when you continue to push a character over and over without allowing them to rest every so often. The same thing has happened with just about every character that’s come along in the horror genre. People get tired of them, the studios wear them out, and the over-saturation of the movies takes a toll on their reputation as they become tired and predictable. You can’t honestly say that the sequels have done nearly as well as the original in terms of scare factor. When talking about the box office it’s hard to say yea or nay since one has to adjust the varied costs in order to really compare them. But the point is this: Laurie Strode should be in an asylum, her mental deterioration either nearly complete or to the point that she can barely remember her own name.

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