Prince Harry and Meghan Markle TV Movie Set At Lifetime

There is now a movie about to be released on the Lifetime channel about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. I’m not sure whether to move on to the next article or simply say congratulations and leave it at that. On one hand it’s a blessed event that should be given a great deal of respect as people all over the globe that care about the union are overjoyed and giving their well wishes to the happy couple. But on a very different note it sounds more like a chance to glorify a couple that have already been made famous and thereby grant them even more attention for something that many people do every year and don’t get a lot of attention for.

If you said that many people aren’t this couple and aren’t as high profile you’re very right. But quite honestly it seems like more grandstanding for the sake of grandstanding than anything else. In some way it feels as though the Lifetime channel has gotten bored with their current programming and is attempting to latch onto anything they can. It might be a very pleasing film since it’s rumored that the movie will go through the meeting, the courtship, and everything that happened throughout the entire relationship up to this point. In other words it’s kind of a fairy tale story for Markle, who’s still a celebrity but has been courted by royalty. How many women would gladly give a body part to be courted by a prince?

I also get the feeling that no matter who they cast it’s not going to be nearly as good a match as it needs to be and the story might be embellished more than a little. The hope is that it won’t be and that I’m wrong but with the track record that TV movies have with being right on the ball with the subjects they’re attempting to create a movie about there’s a bit to worry over. Plus most stories have some element of conflict and the couple seem to be quite happy, so either the studio would have had to conduct interviews or do some digging to find anything pertinent that could make this more than just a sappy love story without any interesting twists along the way.

I get it, people love to watch a romance and they love to watch happy endings and even stories about royalty, particularly of the English variety it would seem, but honestly this story doesn’t seem to be about much more other than how Harry met Meghan and what happy times they’ve been through. Call me nutty, it’s been said before, but that doesn’t sound like an exciting premise for a movie even if it’s based on a true story. I would hope that the studio didn’t embellish anything so much that they risked destroying any chance the movie might have, but unless there’s at least some drama in there it could be a love snooze rather than a true romance.

Again, let’s hope I’m wrong.

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