Proof That Thor is the Most Awkward Avenger

I was going to say that Thor is perhaps the most comedic Avenger, and that’s kind of funny since RDJ was always more on top of his game when it came to witticisms, but there are some seriously awkward moments in there that make a person think that Thor was a little out of his element at times, especially in the first movie when he first came to earth, or Midgard as it’s called, and had to interact with human beings. One has to think that Disney has really goofed a bit though since they’ve taken the fiery element out of the comics and made them a little TOO comical at times. For instance, we learn in Thor: Ragnarok that he didn’t need his hammer to summon his power, but that would leave a huge question in the first movie, until you realize that Odin stripped Thor of ALL his powers, leaving him as a mortal that was therefore susceptible to the same things that we are. Still, it wasn’t the best look for Thor when he gets tasered and knocked to the ground after being struck by a vehicle and knocked to the ground. Oh and then he takes a hypodermic in the butt and gets knocked out, and then gets knocked out by the same vehicle, AGAIN. Yeah, the first Thor movie kind of set the comedic baseline for the hero in the MCU, and some people might agree that it wasn’t all that great of an idea but others definitely laughed at it. Guilty on both counts.

Thor is, obviously, a god, and while he’s been weakened in the comics he’s almost always been a powerhouse no matter how he’s appeared. Plus, he’s almost always been a serious character, meaning that he doesn’t, in the comics, normally seem as awkward as he’s been in the MCU. None of the others, including the Hulk, have been seen to have this kind of behavioral pattern as he almost seems to be entirely out of place no matter how many times he’s come to Midgard. The fact is that his character in the comics is a little smarter despite still being a brute and possibly a berserker at times, but in the movies he’s essentially the big blonde hero type that doesn’t think as much as he should and tends to go barreling headfirst into any situation. That’s pretty true since even in Norse mythology Thor was never the deep thinker his father was, or the schemer that Loki was, but he’s not as much of a dunderhead as the MCU has made him out to be if anyone would read up on the character to discover.

It’s been fun to see Thor turn up in the MCU since he’s one of the oldest characters in Marvel and one of those that has been seen as a character that predates the Marvel universe as well in terms of being known to the general public. Thor has been a part of old Norse mythology for a long, long time, and yet his story has never really been as PC as Disney wanted it to be, so it almost seems as tough the version we’re getting is the tame, child’s version that is friendly and safe for those whose sensibilities might otherwise be damaged. All in all the story that we’ve been given is a huge mishmash of old legends and comic book story lines that have been pieced together in a way that, to those that know the legends, is kind of irritating really since it takes a classic character and makes him into a caricature of his former self. Hemsworth did a great job with the role he was given and for what it is the version of Thor we’ve been given isn’t the worst that could happen, that actually came during the moment that the Hulk and Thor met during the TV show. It was great for the time but as of now it just looks like a guy in a lot of leather taking on a green Lou Ferrigno and trying to sound tough.

Overall the idea of Thor as a big, blundering warrior that’s an absolute brute on the battlefield but is kind of socially inept anywhere else is hard to stomach at times since there’s so much more to him than just his hammer and battle prowess. A lot of people might roll their eyes and say ‘who cares’ and that’s fine since honestly as a fictional character Thor is someone that a lot of people can just brush off and not worry about since that’s not what they’re into or it’s fun to watch but not to obsess over. But when it comes to the Avengers it’s kind of hard to see him being the most awkward even if he is.

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