The Prophetic Quote by a Wall Street Analyst in 1997 About Media

“There are only two brand names in the business:  Disney and Spielberg”. This prophetic quote by a stock analyst back in 1997 is kind of eerie now that you think about it since Spielberg is on the rise and Disney is quickly taking over whatever properties they can in what looks like an attempt to be the biggest and most influential corporation in the world, if they haven’t already gone that far. So far to this date Disney has been one of the biggest expanding entertainment networks ever heard of, at least in terms of the properties they’ve purchased and the perks that have come along with them. A few years back they purchased Lucasfilm and at this point own everything that has to do with Star Wars, a worldwide franchise that has managed to generate billions upon billions in profit.

Most recently they acquired 21st Century Fox, which means they now have access the the entire MCU, which has been expanding out of control for quite a few years and is now entering what might be it’s most interesting phase yet. Disney has become a corporate titan, surpassing the giant phase and moving on to something so enigmatic that a person has to guess at times just what the corporation owns and what they don’t. Sometimes it’s easier to name the former rather than the latter.

Steven Spielberg is a man that simply has to say something to make it into a movie. This might not always be an agreeable thing for many fans but then of course he can easily wave around his reputation and multiple awards to remind people that he’s kind of earned his accolades and reputation a few times over. Between the two of them there’s not a lot of space in the world left for others when it comes to making films or creating new products that don’t have something to do directly with any type of story they might have concocted in their long history. Placing stock in either one of them seems the wise decision if you can afford a single share. It’s not entirely expensive but one thing you can usually count on now is that even if Disney has a down year or a few in a row they will make a leap forward again at some point and that stock should take a serious climb. Spielberg is simply solid when it comes to making films, his experience and his ability work for him in a way that sets the bar so ridiculously high that he’s usually all alone in his own space.

There are those that strive to do their best without trying to top him but a lot tend to come up short without meaning to or get close and then putter out, finding that they’re unable to sustain any type of reputation for too long. One thing that was right in 1997 is what’s starting be proven right at this point. Disney and Spielberg are among two of the most rock solid presences in the industry today.

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