Psych 5.01 “Romeo and Juliet and Juliet” Review

Everyone’s favorite fake psychic is back. Shawn, Gus, Juliet and the others all return for the newest season of Psych. Will this be the year Yin is caught? Will Shawn and Juliet finally get together? Will Gus go a whole episode without squealing? Well at least the first two questions at likely to be answered.

Everyone knows that Psych has a great history with comedy in all its episodes. This episode does not lack in that department. It provides great humor even in the face of danger. Shawn (James Roday) uses his quirky humor to bring light to dangerous situations; however, at some points it feels that his humor easily slows a bad guy. Gus (Dule Hill) shines a little more in humor this episode. His rant against the man at the front desk of the karate dojo had me laughing the whole time. However since Shawn is usually the point man of funny, Gus usually takes a back seat for humor.

The episode does not try to distance itself from the past seasons finale. This episode picks up about a week after Juliet and Abigail are rescued from Yin. Many references are made to last season’s finale and it really helps with the general story arch over seasons. The affects of Yin are evident as Juliet has shied away from police business since her incident. This creates some slow working for Shawn/Gus and even Lassiter. Luckily, Juliet will return to the SBPD soon.

As for the episode, the plot was slow at points. The story is one that has been told many times before. It’s basically Romeo and Juliet (the episode is titled Romeo and Juliet and Juliet), but using two rivals Chinese gangs instead of feuding French families. With a story this old, the plot becomes a little boring. However, the writers were able to pepper in some hilarity to give the plot some flavor. It works but only to an extent.

With this being the season premiere, my only hope is that it can only go up from here. USA still has a lot of potential with Psych and hopefully a few more seasons. B

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