Quantico Season 1 Episode 8 Review: “Over”


We’ve been getting some great reveals lately with what our characters are up to in the future timeline on Quantico. Let’s take a look and see what happened in this week’s episode, “Over.”

The episode opens with Alex and Ryan on the run after the events at the end of the previous episode. Because he was shot, Alex is forced to perform surgery in order to help him out. This effectively raises the stakes in the future timeline even more than usual, and it actually has managed to show me that the best creative potential on Quantico may actually be in this aspect of the series. Back at the academy, everyone continues trying to get used to the fact that the twins are two separate people as their training advances now that they have survived the first exam. They’re given more freedom as they are also given sample cases, and we see that the world of the show is about to expand as it inches closer to the terror incident that kicked off the series.

The future timeline continues to juxtapose itself with what the students at the academy are learning, but “Over” changes up the progression and development from what we’ve typically seen. Instead of slowly revealing what characters are up to after introducing them to us, this episode finally just allows the story to progress on its own. What I mean by that is Quantico has shown us where plenty of the leads are in the future, so now the story isn’t having to structure itself in a way that brings someone else into the fold. We’ll have to give it some more time to see how this really affects the future, but I think that this will be an improvement going forward.

At the academy, the trainees make their first trip to FBI Headquarters because of the nature of their latest assignment, and it serves to build the world even more. For the most part, all of the actions at the academy have been based in the academy, so this is the first substantial time that we’ve seen them do anything outside of Quantico itself.

While the post-incident timeline may not be too concerned with re-introducing characters for now, it’s still doing a great job at fleshing out the personalities of those to whom we’ve grown attached. It’s also starting to let the characters grow and change from who they’ve been for the first seven episodes, and that’s going to help sustain the show for longer than it would be without.

One big negative in “Over” that hasn’t been much of a concern before is that the pacing was horrendous. Maybe it actually is because we weren’t waiting for someone “new” to appear, but everything seemed to move slower than ever before. While there were plenty of great things that happened in the episode that will lead to some great things later on, the sluggish pacing in “Over” is something that I can’t overlook.

“Over” did a lot of great things to the formula of Quantico that should prove to be extremely beneficial later on, but it’s hard to look past how terribly paced this particular episode actually was. While “Over” is the weakest episode of the show so far, it also made me excited to see where it goes from here.

What did you think about “Over”? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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