10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rachel Maddow

Seeing how this nation is so politically-charged these days you might feel one way or another about Rachel Maddow since she’s pretty open about what she believes and isn’t shy about going on air to tell people what just popped into her head. Some think that she gives the details and news that she covers in a fair and even-handed manner while others tend to think that she’s a bit uneven in her delivery and allows her personal bias to get in the way of facts. In regards to her show one has to remember that her personal bias is kind of the point since she does get to say what she wants within reason and since it is her show she can get away with it without censorship. It usually takes someone saying something that’s purposefully meant to incite violence that will get them shut down, and at this point she hasn’t gone quite that far.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Rachel.

10. She is the first openly lesbian anchor in the United States.

If there are any others now or in the past they didn’t make it known as she has though in all fairness it shouldn’t matter since she does the job she’s paid to do and she’s giving out the facts and data that she finds pertinent for her viewing audience. The fact that she’s a lesbian is kind of irrelevant since she’s still a person that wants to be heard.

9. When asked she’s described herself as being somewhere between a jock and an antisocial girl.

That’s a very interesting personality blend since it implies that she wants to be active in a given situation but doesn’t really have the social graces to know what to say or how to respond to people. Put in that manner she might argue against the description and perception it would seem.

8. She was outed in college before she could tell her parents.

It was before she was ready but as things kind of turned out a certain way her parents found out and were not overly shocked or even dismayed. After all a good parent won’t simply disown their child for being one way or another, in an ideal sense at least.

7. She has written a book that turned into a New York Times Bestseller.

Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power, is a book that is about the role of the military in postwar America. Given her views and stance on the state of the nation it’s not surprising that she would write about such a subject.

6. Needless to say she’s developed a reputation that differs among various critics.

Anyone that speaks their mind in this country is going to be either seen as a person to rally around or someone that needs to be avoided since the whole process of debating has devolved into a contest to see who can talk over the other person in the loudest and most authoritative tone. Unfortunately Rachel is not entirely above this.

5. She never identified as an Obama supporter.

She’s definitely not a Trump supporter but she never did follow Obama either so it makes things pretty clear to state that she was and is a Hillary supporter or simply doesn’t ascribe to any party. Of course that would be wrong since she admits to being a liberal that believes in the Eisenhower-era Republican party platform.

4. Rachel has dealt with cyclical depression since puberty.

She doesn’t normally let it ruin her day as she’ll go out and stay active or find something to do that occupies her time and doesn’t allow her to just it and think. For years now she’s dealt with and while it’s not always easy she has found ways to counter the depression.

3. She’s been parodied in a couple of TV shows.

If this has bothered her she doesn’t show it and that’s rather impressive since it takes someone with a thick skin to take the kind of comedy that some shows draw up. Some folks don’t care to be emulated on comedy shows but Maddow hasn’t batted an eyelid where people can see which indicates it doesn’t bother her that much.

2. There’s never been a time when she’s been shy about speaking her mind.

That’s the mark of a strong person, not just a woman, who is capable of standing up for herself and speaking out whenever she feels the need. Rachel definitely has the kind of voice on her show and elsewhere that allows her to be open and frank with people and to deliver her opinion in a way that people will understand and not miss.

1. Like many others she claims to give the truth and denies that the White House gives any useful information.

So much of this has gone on from so many directions that she’s become another voice added to the tempest when it comes to speaking out against the current POTUS and his cabinet about one issue or another. It needs to be taken with a big grain of salt no matter what side it comes from.

Like her or not, she’s done very well for herself.

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