10 Things You Didn’t Know about Raj Tarun

Raj Tarun is one of those actors who has a very unique style and a very specific niche. He’s an Indian actor who works primarily on certain films, which happen to be those filmed in the Telugu language. He’s not your everyday actor who does the whole American acting or Bollywood acting thing, but he has so much talent and might decide he will pursue additional options other than what he is currently doing. He’s got a very special niche, and that means he has a huge following of people who love that about him, yet so many people know so little about him as a person. Let’s learn a bit more about this famous actor and what he is all about.

1. He’s Young

He’s already done so much with his career that most people assume he is older than he is, but he’s only 28 as of 2020. He was born on May 19, 1992. He’s still young, but that just goes to show how hard he’s been working his entire life to make sure he gets to do what he wants on his own terms.

2. He’s Acted – A Lot

He’s so young, but he’s been in 52 short films as of 2020. That’s 52. That’s a lot. That’s one a week for a year, or approximately 5 films per year since he was 18. Either way, it’s a lot. And that is not the only thing he’s been doing, either. He’s been doing things like working in other movies and films and even directing.

3. He’s an Award Winner

He is an actor and a writer and so many other things, and he’s always an award winner. He’s got the title of Best Debutant Actor in 2014. This came from the South Indian International Movie Awards. He won for his role in a movie titled, “Uyyala Jampala,” where he acted and even worked on his screenplay and dialogue. He’s very good at all he does.

4. He’s Not Doing So Well

He may have worked harder than anyone he knows, but he’s not been having good years lately. He’s been in flop after flop the past few years, and the press has been all over him about it. He is most recently in a film called “Orey Bujjiga,” and he’s not gotten any good press from it. It seems like all the press wants to talk about is how badly he’s doing.

5. He Was In a Bad Accident in 2019

Raj Tarun was involved in a bad accident back in 2019. He was driving near Hyderabad, and he hit a wall in his car. What made the entire situation even worse is that he left the scene of the accident. He took off after it happened, and many people have been saying that he was under the influence, otherwise, he would have stuck around for it.

6. The Accident Was Allegedly Bad Brakes

His driver was off work for the day. The actor had some places to go, so he drove the car himself. Those in his camp say that the situation happened when the brakes failed on the car, and he continued to drive after it all went down because he was in his seatbelt and things were fine. He was not hurt, no one else was involved, and he didn’t think it was a big deal to drive off.

7. His Accident Caused Issues for Another Actor

When the press initially released information about Raj Tarun’s accident, they named the wrong actor. They named a man called Tarun, who was then accused of fleeing from the scene of an accident, and it caused major bad press for him. It was taken care of quickly, but it was still a bad moment for the actor wrongfully accused of being involved in a situation like this one.

8. He Was Sought After

When he began his acting career, he was one of the most sought-after actors in the business. Everyone wanted to work with him, and everyone wanted a piece of him to put in their own work. It’s a shame he’s not been doing such good work lately, though sometimes work is just not good and it has nothing to do with the acting.

9. He’s Very Active on Twitter

Fans who just adore him can follow him on the social media platform where he is very active. He spends a lot of time on the social media site, and fans love it. You can follow him here.

10. He’s Private

We are always so impressed when an actor can find the time to maintain his own privacy. Raj Tarun has been doing that for some time. He’s good at it, too. He has a lot to share with his fans, but he keeps the most private aspects of his life to himself, which is always such a blessing.

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