Real Housewives: ‘ATL’ Gregg Leakes Lied? Plus, Sheree’s New Beau Is Not Legit

The men of the Real Housewives of Atlanta have really showed that they can be just as dramatic as their female counterparts this season. Gregg Leakes, Dwight Eubanks, and newcomer Apollo Nida are all vying for the spot of Bravo’s Real Housewives’ Most Troublesome Husbands, a title currently held by The Real Housewives of Orange County men. What have the men of ATL been up to cause much ire from this viewer? Lying through their teeth.

“Gregg borrowed $10,000 dollars?” – NeNe to Dwight…

As we all know, the third season of RHOA started with a bang as NeNe got in Dwight Eubanks’s ass for going behind her back and loaning Gregg money without consulting her. After hearing from Kim about this duplicity, NeNe confronted Gregg, who claimed that he went into a business venture with Dwight that totaled only $500 dollars. My eyebrows have stayed on alert after hearing that explanation, but seeing Dwight squirm when confronted by NeNe and Sheree (who Dwight claimed to have dropped $30,000 on for her fashion show) made me think that Mr. Eubanks was over exaggerating a little. Although, it didn’t mean that I thought Gregg told the whole truth.

Now, RadarOnline has confirmed my suspicions about Gregg’s lie, because they have reported that NeNe Leakes has found out that Gregg actually did borrow the $10,000 dollars from Dwight! I bet NeNe nearly busted her new nose when that bomb was dropped.

According to a source close to NeNe, the Atlanta diva was raging mad when she confronted her husband off camera about the incident. “She feels it has put her in an awkward position with Dwight, because they are really good friends who confide in one another, both on and off camera,” the source revealed to RadarOnline. Wow….

So, in the case of Dwight Eubanks vs. The People, I find him Not Guilty and offer an apology if this is found out to be true. As for dropping $30,000 on Sheree’s fashion show? The jury is till out on that one…

“But I am Tiy-E Muhammad At The End Of The Day…” Oh, Really?

Speaking of Sheree, has revealed that Sheree’s possible new boy toy is nothing but a big ass fraud!

The gossip site dug up a 2005 article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution which revealed Muhammad was let go from Clark Atlanta University after four years as an associate professor, because they found out his credentials were flat out false. The PH.D., the school he claimed to have obtained said PH.D., and alleged time he attended the school was all fabricated. The truth is Muhammad does have a Master’s Degree from Eastern Illinois University in guidance and counseling, but that does not make one a “doctor.”

When asked about his lies, Muhammad claimed he didn’t think it was illegal to claim he was a doctor, stating that he checked the law book on the subject before moving to Georgia. Um… Okay…

Tiy-E Muhammad and Sheree met during the second episode of this season on a blind date, where he told her and the audience that he was a doctor/psychiatrist. He also explained his decision to bring Sheree to a ‘hole in the wall’ restaurant as being able to show her how down to earth he was despite his success. Could that have been Clue #1 to Muhammad’s fraudulent nature?

Also, Mohammad was featured on The Real Gilligan’s Island awhile back, which is where this picture comes from. It’s a huge difference from his appearance on RHOA. Wow…

What do you all think about the shade coming from the men of ATL?

Sources: MediaTakeOut, Radar Online

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