The Real Housewives of Atlanta 3.03 “White Hot” Review

Dwight, your stock has plummeted.

The saga of Dwight Eubanks’s fall from the good graces of The Real Housewives of Atlanta continued tonight as Sheree Whitfield got her chance to interrogate the former “Sixth Housewife of Atlanta” about the $30,000 he allegedly loaned Sheree for her fashion show last year. Dwight even brought his publicist to the “sit down” with Sheree, but the guy served more as backup for Dwight’s claims, just in case Sheree got a little froggy.

After talking with NeNe last week, you would think Dwight wouldn’t have a problem with Sheree. Wrong. Sheree didn’t let up, because there wasn’t a connection to be salvaged between the two. Plus, add in Dwight’s claims of spending a lot of money on the seamstress he brought in ($1200) and the promotional fliers and posters (undisclosed amount, but it couldn’t have been close to even $500) for the event, and Sheree drove right through those arguments in full speed. As I still think Dwight did come out his pocket for Sheree’s fashion show, I don’t think it was $30,000 worth of trouble. Despite Dwight offering his services to the planning of her show, Sheree should’ve still had someone working alongside of Dwight so she could avoid this fracas in the first place. It’s like Michael Knight’s words of wisdom didn’t click with Sheree at all when he told her to be hands on with her ‘infant’ fashion career. Who’s the winner in this bout? The betting (and common sense) man in me says Sheree is the clear victor, but it’s something about this scenario that doesn’t sit right with me at all.

Kim’s whole diva attitude was pretty damn annoying tonight. It was as if Kim was parodying herself tonight, or auditioning to be the new millennium’s Lucille Ball and failing miserably. Kandi is a good one, because there would be no way in hell I would’ve trailed Kim to an event to perform a song that I didn’t get compensated to produce and record. Freebies are limited from this dude over here.

Phaedra and Apollo displayed that things are not as kosher as they would like with their marriage. Oh, they are in love, but they have different ways of showing it. Apollo wants “Quality Time,” while Phaedra wants gifts. It may seem like nothing new, but it must be something “serious” in their eyes for them to have a relationship experts couple from their church to give them guidance. I don’t know about you, but if you are not my shrink, priest/pastor, or my significant other, then you would not be in my business that deep. That’s just me though. Phaedra’s constant “white house/black house” comparisons were a bit backwards, because I’m black and would’ve had the same reaction Apollo did when that plate hit his part of the table. Phaedra considered Apollo’s reaction a result of his upbringing in a “white household”, but I beg to differ. My dad would’ve been pissed for such a small amount of food to land in front of him. So, nope. That had nothing to do with race there.

Oh, and we found out how Phaedra and Apollo met! They met in college before Apollo was sent to jail. That’s true love there to wait for your boyfriend/girlfriend while they serve some time in the pen.

As far as NeNe and Cynthia, we got blurbs about their familial problems that spilled over from last week. I can’t wait to see what Cynthia brings to the table, because so far she hasn’t truly interacted with the women yet.

So what did you guys think of tonight’s installment? Has Dwight’s star been snuffed out? Does Kim need humbling? Should Apollo get his own chef? Speak on it!

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