The Real Housewives of Atlanta 3.15 “Floridon’t” Review

After last Thursday’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills explosive finale, I looked forward to tonight’s Real Housewives of Atlanta episode with a sense of dread, because compared to RHOBH’s argument between Kim and Kyle Richards, anything the Atlanta women threw at us would be juvenile at best. Low and behold, I was right. Also, I left the hour with more dread than when I started.

The hour picked up right where the fight ended with NeNe and Kim still arguing, but not as intensely. Phaedra, Sheree, and Cynthia were waiting for their friends to arrive to get their party started, but instead got a cloud of drama that lasted the entire weekend. Common sense would’ve been to eliminate the source of the negative energy from the equation, but since production of RHOA thrives on drama this potent, the group ‘begged’ for NeNe to stay.

Even though I listed NeNe as the source of the drama (she was), that doesn’t mean that she was completely in the wrong to some extent. Last week, I made a list of who was in the wrong and why, which I still stand beside in some instances, but probably need to make a few adjustments to. One issue that needs to be readjusted is the one pertaining to Kim inviting Sweetie and Don Juan to the all-girls weekend, because it is apparent NeNe used that as a crutch to attack Kim. However, I still don’t agree with how Kim talks to Sweetie, but that’s not my call (or anyone’s for that matter) to make.

So let’s get into who was in the wrong this week, which doesn’t need a chart or list of some sort. NeNe was out. of. control. Period. Some of the stuff NeNe was doing was not only childish, but blatantly childish at best. Maybe a lot of people were rooting for NeNe last week given the fact that Kim really was grating people’s nerves while she was on that bus. Somebody needed to bring Kim down several levels and NeNe stepped up to the plate to do the job. But she just didn’t know when to stop.

NeNe lost me when she disrespected the owner of the place they were staying by insulting his relationship with Kim. That was highly uncalled for. After that incident, NeNe’s likability factor took a nosedive throughout the night. Twitter was ablaze with Anti-NeNe remarks throughout the hour, but by the middle of the episode, you couldn’t tell the regular NeNe haters from the regular NeNe supporters. Now, THAT is saying something.

NeNe’s next level of being too much was by trying to use Cynthia as an excuse to go home, which would’ve ruined the entire weekend if that option was chosen. Thankfully, Sheree acted as a voice of reason by getting Cynthia to stay for the rest of the weekend, because if the resident model hadn’t, the entire weekend would’ve been a waste and the NeNe and Kim argument could’ve been avoided.

Now for the sole moment where I felt NeNe was NOT in the wrong has to go to when NeNe brought her friend Diana to the weekend and Kim made a big deal about it. Some people might disagree by stating, “Kim had the right to get upset.” My response? What ever happened to keeping it classy? When NeNe came in blaring at the top of her lungs about Diana being there, Kim should’ve gotten up and asked Sweetie instead of throwing gas on the flame by bringing Diana into the mix. True, Diana brought herself into the equation, but the situation could’ve been handled better than what it was. Plus, I think Sheree should’ve let NeNe know that she invited Lawrence so NeNe would get the clue that it’s not a big deal if Sweetie and others came along. Then again, words were said that couldn’t be retracted and there was no turning back.

On the flip side, we had Cynthia being the other cloud in this tumultuous storm as she was still upset about her upcoming wedding, plus her first modeling gig in a while. After having some crytastic moments, Cynthia flew above the drama and managed to have a well deserved fun weekend.

Kim and Kandi did their final leg of the promo tour and I’m just glad that mess is over. Every time they got on stage, Kandi outshined Kim, which you could tell by the audience participation levels on each performance. No hating on Kim, but she should take the one hit wonder thing with pride at this point in time.

So next week is the finale and it seems to be mostly about Cynthia’s wedding and wrapping up everyone else’s storylines. For it to be 90 minutes long, RHOA better bring their A-game. I’m still a bit ticked off that we have to endure a split in the reunion shows. Why can’t we get a two hour special? It’s going to be a seriously long week between both parts of the RHOBH and RHOA reunions.

See you guys next Sunday!

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