The Real Housewives of Atlanta 3.16 “The Bride and Doom” Review

Tonight’s Real Housewives of Atlanta had a lot of filler for it’s 90 minute finale, but while there were a lot of laughable, eye-rolling moments, the one jaw-dropper throughout the entire hour was when Cynthia’s sister Malorie and mother Barbara hid the marriage license from Cynthia to postpone the marriage. That was just wild…

While the move itself was questionable, the motive behind it is sound and understandable. However, trying to figure out whether her motive involved a dislike of Peter or just a reason to postpone the wedding, or both is a different thing. With Peter, his behavior is a pretty good reason to pay attention to the flags as signs to what life can become by being with him. So in that respect, I can understand Malorie and Barbara’s intentions being pure. If the move was to postpone the wedding to save money, then I respect that as well. But if it’s a combination of both, then Cynthia might want to take a step back and see the big picture for what it is: a big bowl of trouble. Cynthia’s family was trying to show her that she might need to stop and think for a moment, but it was not the best way to go by it. Is it wrong to wonder what Cynthia thought when she saw that? Anyone?

Hopefully, Cynthia and Peter will make it, but I also hope Peter took a look at this season and used it as a means to correct the errors of his ways involving his relationship with Cynthia. On that note, it’s also well known that most marriages fail because of finances, but maybe they will be the exception to the stereotype?

On the flip side of things, NeNe and Kim still sniped and griped at each other from a distance. It’s sad to say, but hopefully this is really the end of their friendship, because the same situation has been recycled three times now and it has worn its welcome as well as my nerves.

Sheree’s audition was a pretty cringeworthy. While I don’t think Sheree is quite ready for the big leagues yet, I thought the casting staff were a bit… much. I had bought their critiques until I learned Sheree got the part in the end, which made me rethink the entire scene and label it “bogus” afterwards. That film needed a name and while Sheree might not have Oscar caliber performance written all over her, she could still help sell the movie at the end of the day. So, the “audition” was really a show for cameras in my eyes.

The NeNe and Dwight reunion? Eh. According to NeNe’s Tweet on the subject tonight, she still thinks he needs to breathe. So take that as you will. As far as NeNe and Greg? It seems pretty done.

The only thing left was Kandi politely putting Kim in her place on the terms of their partnership. Other than that, the show was pretty dang dull. It’s a bad precursor to what the reunion might be, which will air on February 13th. I wonder if anyone will be still interested in seeing it by then.

What are your thoughts? Qualms?

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