The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 1.02 “Chocolate Louboutins” Review

This week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was all about family… and how they get on your nerves. After watching the second part of the Real Housewives of D.C. reunion, I was drained from all the laughing and sudden anger at the Salahis that it took me two days to recover, so I’m sorry for the late review. You can blame the Salahis.

Kim and Kyle

I really hate to constantly pair these two together, but Kim has no ties to the other cast members at the moment and Kyle is too busy trying to impress everyone else except her sister, who she seems to have the only problem with. I know next week’s episode will change that dynamic, but is it just me or is Kyle a bit harsh on Kim? It’s like she doesn’t hesitate to get in Kim’s face about anything.

Kim’s kids are no better. When Kim’s eldest daughter Morgan claimed her mother was “dependent,” I wanted to ask if dependency runs in the genes, because she’s obviously still there living it up with the rest of her siblings. I know Kim might be a little off at times and that it’s not helping when your kids agree with your sister, but instead of constantly barraging on Kim, why don’t they try to help her? Belittling her isn’t going to make matters any better.


I don’t know why, but Camille came across a little bit more snobbish to me this week. From gloating about being married to Kelsey Grammer to claiming that she has other things to do than other Beverly Hills housewives’ standard hobbies, I couldn’t help but feel as if I was looking up her nose and what I saw was not cute at all. Granted, Camille was using sarcasm at times, but I don’t know. This observation doesn’t mean that I don’t like her; I’m just concerned about her this week.


Every time I see this woman, I fall deeply in love with her. She is the epitome of a dream girl to me. Taking a page from Lisa VanderPump’s book of How To Give Your Husband A Proper Verbal Smackdown, Adrienne didn’t give Paul any slack during their time together in the episode. While most people would look at it in a negative way, I like the banter between the Nassifs, especially Paul, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite Househusbands. I couldn’t help but laugh as he talked to the male model who was posing with Adrienne for her photo shoot, because it was like his confidence wasn’t enough to deter the pro model, yet he didn’t care. That’s someone I wouldn’t mind rolling out with to a bar. In the end, though, I hope Adrienne and Paul’s love is genuine, because I swear they are a perfect match.

Taylor and Lisa

These two ladies didn’t have much to do but observe and shop in the 90210 area. Taylor is still somewhat insecure, but I don’t know why. Her husband just doesn’t seem right to me for some reason. The prices that were being tossed around for her wardrobe were nail-bitingly high. I wouldn’t let anyone even breathe on the stuff she picked up out of fear of contamination. She might as well have sewn a bag of Benjamin Franklins together and made an outfit.

Lisa only observed the dynamic between Kyle and Kim, which wasn’t hard to decipher. Lisa is like the mother of the group, who just takes note of certain things and files them for later as what I like to call insurance policies. In other words, I wouldn’t want to cross her. She might take out said insurance policy if I did.

What did you think of this week’s installment? Are you in for the long ride?


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